Love Coffee But Not All That Caffeine? Maybe Try Mushroom Coffee?

After turning 40 I started noticing some changes in my body—and sadly one of them was my tolerance for caffeine (ugh!). I mean seriously, I […]

Belief Is Not Truth

I see you and I think you have it all, my thoughts morph into belief, and then that becomes my truth. But thinking and believing […]

Health Benefits Of Sole Water + How To Easily Make It At Home

Sole water is gaining popularity, even though it’s actually been around for years. It’s a combination of natural sea salt and filtered water, and it […]

What Is This Dripping Wet Fluid Feeling Inside My Head?

For the past 50 days, I’ve been feeling an odd dripping wet sensation in my head—like it’s inside my brain. Sometimes there is a coolness […]

Do You Believe There’s A Soulmate For Each One Of Us?

My hubby, Baron, has been super helpful with this blog, for the most part behind the scenes. Occasionally, I’ve shared some of his insights to […]

Is The World Really Getting Worse?

That answer depends on YOU. The world we’re living in is as Bad or Good as you make it. Throughout all of history there’s been […]

What Is Maltodextrin And Is It Safe?

Maltodextrin has been showing up in lots of supplements, foods, drinks, etc. and I’ve always personally had a neutral opinion about it whenever it’s Certified […]

Barley With Sundried Tomatoes & Pine Nuts + Good Carbs vs. Bad Carbs

This barley recipe is gonna load your body up with healthy, glorious carbohydrates. Yes, I said carbs…and just like healthy fats have lots of scientific […]

40 Inspirational Quotes To Motivate And Empower You

Almost every morning I start my day by reading something that will either help me grow spiritually, personally, or professionally—and totally kicked my nasty habit […]

Vanilla Protein Sweet Potato Freezer Fudge (Keto, Paleo, Vegan)

It amazes me how versatile the ole sweet potato can be. Even better, combine it with vanilla…Yes! 🙂 The more I experiment, the more I […]

Easy Paleo Broccoli Salad + How To Choose The Best MayoLose Weight

Seriously delicious & easy…one bite and you’ll be back for more! Plus it’s low carb and dairy free.

9 Most Popular Diets & How To Choose The Best One For You30 day challenge

Learn the 9 most popular diets trending right now, and how you can determine the best one (or ones) for your body and lifestyle.

The Lowdown On CBD OIl. Can It Help You?Ashley Robertson

CBD (or hemp) Oil is rapidly gaining popularity for its natural, medicinal properties. I’m offering a discount right now and sharing all about my CBD oil experience so far.

Banana Bread Sweet Potato Protein Bars With BlueberriesLose Weight

A perfect easy and quick breakfast, dessert, and snack that’s Paleo, Mediterranean Zone, & DASH diet friendly + Gluten Free.

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