1 Thing You Can Do Right Now To Lose Weight

Are You struggling to lose weight? Stuck on that inevitable plateau all “dieters” find themselves on at some point? Or perhaps You’re trying to kickstart your new Healthy, Crazy, Beautiful lifestyle journey?

If your answer was “YES” to any of those questions then this ONE TIP will be sure to help you out: Reduce your daily calorie consumption by 200 calories.

An easy way to do this for a lot of people is in those “hidden calories” that we don’t count correctly—or maybe not even at all. Fruity drinks, alcohol, salad dressings, dipping sauces, or even that oil or butter you cooked with. 1 tablespoon of EVOO is 124 calories. 1 5-ounce glass of dry red wine is around 125 calories. Here’s a great website to track calories and also structure how many you should be consuming each day based on your physique and activity levels: http://www.calorieking.com.

If you’re like me and not too keene on counting every single calorie you consume, then using your hands (the easiest way to measure if you ask me!) can come in super handy. You can also use a food scale if you want to get more technical and be exact. Here’s my fave method of keeping track of my portions with my hands. http://www.healthyfunfit.com/food-portion-guide-use-your-hands/

Understand “Clean Eating” calories count just as much as junk food calories!

There’s a thin line with ensuring your body is getting enough calories for its basic functions (i.e.: breathing, heart beat, other organ functions, etc) plus the extra fuel it needs if you are working out for maintaining or building muscle. However, most people who struggle with losing fat are consuming more calories than their body can burn. Whether you eat 100 calories of broccoli or 100 calories of chocolate cake—you’re still consuming 100 calories. Period. Obviously there’s much more nutritional value in the broccoli but at the end of the day a calorie is a calorie. Most “dieters” out there think that because they eat something healthy that that allows them to eat more of it…and that simply is not the case with losing weight.

Tip: If after the first week of reducing your daily calories by 200 (or via my hand method) and you haven’t lost any weight, then you need to reduce an additional 200 calories from your daily diet the following week…and so on. This also applies for if/when you find yourself stuck on one of those unavoidable plateaus.

PS: If you struggle with uncontrollable cravings, then having a Pink Drink (Slim) and taking a good quality probiotic (like my fave ProBio5) could make a huge difference for you (like it does for me). I’ve also enjoyed amazing sleep since adding these to my daily routine. So double score!


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