Ashley’s 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge

Are YOU Ready to Make This The Year of YOUR BEST Body?

Imagine having your own personal health coach for 30 days! Someone to help you stay on track and support you every step of the way. Someone to show you that by making small, easy changes overtime, you can create healthy new habits that transform your health for the long-term. Here’s the thing about habits, we don’t realize the havoc our bad habits are causing in our bodies because we do these things automatically day in and day out. This program will show you how to increase your good habits and reduce your bad habits.

This 30-day challenge is perfect for just about everyone. If you’re looking to lose weight, kick your sugar habit, feel happier, have more energy, sleep better, and want clearer, smoother, glowing skin then this is for you. The benefits are INCREDIBLE!! If you have never worked with a health coach before, this is the perfect place to start. No more yo-yo dieting. No calorie counting. No deprivation. Just simply choose from the approved nutrition list you’ll receive! That’s it!

Here’s Some of What You’ll Learn In This Program:

  • My top 3 secrets for losing weight and keeping it off forever
  • How your intestinal health can cause countless hundreds of health issues and can also prevent you from losing weight and feeling your best (I’ll also teach you what to do about it)
  • How what you eat and drink could be making you sick
  • Which supplements you definitely need to be taking and the ones to stay away from (and why!)
  • Learn how imbalances in your “Primary Food” (relationships, career, spirituality, and physical activity) can negatively affect your healthy lifestyle and get a starting point for determining where you may wish to spend more time and energy to create more joy in your life
  • The reason why it’s so important to have balanced blood sugar levels and how to test if you’re at risk
  • Understand how inflammation could be wreaking havoc in your body and what to do about it
  • Reduce your sugar cravings and learn WHY you’re craving them in the first place
  • How to get better sleep, de-stress, and detoxify to improve your health and feel your absolute best
  • Which exercise and fitness routine is best for YOUR body
  • Simple and easy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and what to snack on if you’re still hungry

And another amazing part about this program is that you can eat as much real food as you want. No calorie counting. If you’re hungry—eat! Just choose foods from the approved “Challenge Menu Plan” list that you’ll receive.

Here’s a Breakdown of What You’ll Get with this 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge:

— Kick Off Video To Get you Started
— Copy of My eBook: No-Nonsense Healthy Eating Guide + 30-Day Meal Plan (with recipes)
— Daily instructional and motivational messages in the private FB group to guide you each day
— Weekly emails with checklist, self-care & fitness tips
— Delicious recipes you can use even after this challenge
— Checklist to track your progress, journal goals, and set your intentions
— Private Facebook Support Group where I am available for the entire 30 days
— Copy of my eBook – 5 Ways to Start Losing Weight Naturally

My approach to implement healthier habits with super easy tips and tricks could be exactly what you need right now!

Ready to get started?

As I prepare for the next group 30-Day Challenge (dates TBD) I encourage you to check out a couple ways I can help YOU right now:

HCB ad_homepageMy badass eBook HEALTHY, CRAZY, BEAUTIFUL includes my 30-day challenge complete with meal plan, recipes, and tons of healthy lifestyle tips, tricks, and tools so you can feel radically amazing almost everyday and love your body in a whole new way. This is a bit more of a private journey versus being in a group, but you can totally invite your friends and family to join you PLUS I’m just an email away if you need me. 🙂

HCB_10_Day_CourseAnother way I can help You right now is my Wildly Popular #1 System To Purify Your Body And Kickstart Rapid Weightloss Without Skipping Meals, Being Hungry, or Feeling Overwhelmed in just 10 days! Based off my very successful 10-Day Detox group program, My 10-Day Body Purifying Course is a comprehensive, step-by-step program that walks you through the entire process of purifying your body naturally and feeling and looking your very best. Move through it at your own pace from the privacy of your home…or wherever you are. Plus you’ll have unlimited email support with me!

Are You Ready To Take Your Fitness To The Next Level? Then my personalized Home Fitness Training is for YOU! Stop agonizing over your workouts or stressing about not having a lot of time to do them. Simply follow the personalized plan I send you each week!

Whether you’re looking for weight loss, wellness, or just more energy—my books and programs can help YOU!

Cheers to your Healthy, Crazy, Beautiful lifestyle journey! Let’s rock it!

PS: Here’s What A Few Of My Clients Have To Say:

“I HIGHLY recommend working with Ashley. I know you’re probably thinking ‘everyone says that in testimonials – why should I go with this program besides the fact that you, who I do not know, would recommend it?’ Well, I can tell you from first hand experience that Ashley is one of the most caring individuals I have ever met and she WILL change your life. Before her challenge, I have tried so many others – some worked, some didn’t, but I tried. I felt like Ashley’s truly changed my life. She gave me so much knowledge, feedback, and interaction that it wasn’t possible for me to fail at this. Now that it’s over, I’ve lost 8+ lbs and have a better understanding of myself and why I WANT to be healthy.” ~Alex A.

I have lost a total of 10lbs. You are a true blessing in my life. I feel a lot better and I sleep better too. Linda R—Elklmont, AL

“I have lost a total of 8 pounds in 12 days because I had to ease into it also! Feel amazing and look forward to staying with the eating clean and healthy.” ~DeAnna W.

Thanks to Ashley’s help, drinking my Slim and eating a more balanced diet has helped with swelling and minimal weight gain throughout my pregnancy. Jennifer P—Denver, CO

“This 10-day detox has been just what I needed to get me back on track. From day one, I’ve had a lot more energy (with zero negative effects – yeah!) and I’ve fallen in love with my veggies again. Thanks, Ashley for the coaching and all the info, advice and support. And, thanks to my fellow cleansers for posting your challenges, successes and tips. It really was encouraging! As a bonus, I lost 6 lbs.” ~Luci W.

Lost 18 pounds and 4.5 inches in 1 month!
Im so excited about this. I just feel so awesome eating healthy. Its never been so easy. You have made all the difference in the world. My doctor was really happy that I was doing this great. She agreed with pretty much every single bit of advice that you’ve given me that I shared with her as it came up in our conversation. So that’s awesome you’re practically as good as a doctor. Jackie W—Lakeland, FL