5 Weightloss Workouts You Can Do From Home—Or Anywhere You Are


Are you looking for some badass weightloss workouts that will totally kick your butt? Well, you’re in the right place! I’ve recorded some of my favorite and extremely effective weightloss workouts that you can do from home—or just about anywhere you are. One of the ways I stay healthy (and keep my body fit and firm) is exercising. Not just any exercise though. My basic workout method is high intensity workouts, some of them incorporating weights, that don’t take up tons of time and are done nearly every day. I also like being able to do them from home, which cuts out travel time and any other distractions you may face at the gym.

So that eliminates TIME being an excuse—which for me and many other people, that’s a big one.

When doing shorter workouts like these (on average mine are about 15-20 minutes) you really have to push yourself as hard as you can. The intensity is critical for you to burn the most calories and get the best results.

I also think it’s super important to mix things up and have a couple active “rest” days. These are the days I’ll do some yoga, pilates, or light cardio like hopping on my elliptical and diving into a good book.

If you stay consistent with these workouts, you should notice results in just a couple weeks! YAY!

Here’s five of my favorite Weightloss Workouts for you to try out:

1. Sizzling Summer Shred #1

2. Rock Your Body To The Extreme

3. Extreme Home Circuit Training

4. Extreme Water Jug Blast

5. Extreme Beginners Blast #4

Be sure you get in a good stretch after you train and don’t forget to drink lots of water. Staying hydrated is extremely important for losing weight and keeping it off, plus you’ll just feel better overall.

Another way I accelerate my progress and maintain results is through supplements. You can check out the Core Sups I take for Crazy Good Health (and WHY) here. The only thing I don’t cover in that post is stimulants, which can help with weightloss and improve your workouts. My favorite stimulant of all is coffee. Since coffee is such a heavily sprayed crop, try your best to do good quality and go organic whenever you can. And if you find it tough to make organic selections, than just be sure you’re taking your probiotics. Digestive health is CRITICAL to weightloss and your overall wellbeing.

You can check out my ALMOND MILK CAPPUCCINO post here. I also LOVED experimenting with Bulletproof coffee and I wrote about that Here.

Coffee is the only stimulant I’ll have almost every day. Yup, I love it that much. The other stims I’ll do are on “as needed” basis and I’ll cycle them.

If you purchase through any of my links then I will get a small kickback. TIA if you do. 😀

Once you try out my weightloss workouts, let me know whatcha think! I’d love to connect and help you out any way I can.

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