7 Ways To Live A Happy, Healthy Life—Besides Nutrition/Diet

Sure, by now you’ve most likely heard about how important your diet and nutrition choices are for living a happy and healthy life. And though that is critical, it’s NOT the only thing you should focus on. Choosing to be happy and healthy goes so much deeper than just what you eat...it digs right down to the choices you make, habits you form, people you share time with, and keeping things as easy and doable as possible.

Since I won’t be getting into diet & nutrition in this article, here’s a few posts about that for an easy reference.

And now let’s explore some of the ways I’ve found to be instrumental in maintaining my healthy lifestyle and truly loving my life more.

1. Cook once, eat twice or thrice…or more!

Ok, so this has a little to do with food, but more to do with simply planning ahead. It’s all about maximizing your time. We’re all super busy, but if you plan ahead then you can ensure staying on the right track with your meals. Don’t let it get overcomplicated and then give up in frustration. Watch this super short video to learn about 2 tips that can help you stay on track.

2. Move your body.

Physical activity is unarguably a primary food that fuels your body. Not only does it have health and weight benefits, but it also releases endorphins that can make you feel happy. There is no right or wrong exercise here. The best physical activity is the one you do. Experiment with various regimens to see what works best for your body, lifestyle, and goals.

Through all my exercise experimenting, I’ve found that what works best for me is a combo of progressive fitness training regimens (HIIT, weights, circuit, & some power yoga). Of course I had to try out a lot of different things to discover this about my body.

Maybe you need a class setting with other people, maybe you’re hardcore and would love crossfit, maybe you prefer running and would like to train for a 5k, or maybe a slower pace of pilates and yoga are more your thing. Once you decide what you like now, it’s ok to change your mind in a few weeks or a few months and do something else. No matter what, just have fun with it and get your body moving. 🙂

A Primary Food is more than what is on your plate. Healthy relationships, regular physical activity, a fulfilling career and a spiritual practice can fill your soul and satisfy your hunger for life. When primary food is balanced and satiating, your life feeds you, making what you eat secondary.

3. Surround yourself with positive people.

Having healthy relationships is super important and definitely another primary food that feeds you. The people you share time with can easily influence your motivation. Sure, it’s good to help others—but only when you’re strong enough to do it and not be swayed. If you find you’re tempted with food and lifestyle choices that are not conducive with your health and weight goals, then you seriously need to reevaluate where—and who—you’re spending your time with.

4. Love yourself—Take care of yourself.

A lot of us feel guilty when we put ourselves first. Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve also been dragged down by this—many, many times. You absolutely cannot give someone else something that you don’t have. Self care is critical with how you feel. If you take care of yourself, you’ll be happier and less stressed. And then you can share that happiness with those around you. A good visual is to think of when you’re on an airplane and right before takeoff the attendant is going over emergency protocol. When the oxygen masks fall, who do you place it on first? Yourself! And then you can help others around you. So breathe in that oxygen and know with confidence that it’s ok to enjoy doing things for yourself.

5. Plug into your spirituality.

And I don’t necessarily mean religion here, but if you are religious that’s totally ok. Religion can be a great map to your spirituality. Mindful breathing, meditation, and prayer have been linked to all kinds of health benefits—along with helping define your life’s purpose. Even atheists can find spiritual moments in nature, the beach, yoga, etc. I encourage you to do some soul searching with this and embrace the fact that your spirituality is one of the primary foods that feed your soul. You can check out an article I wrote about my own personal spiritual journey here.

6. Detoxing for 5-7 days a couple times a year makes a big difference.

I definitely encourage the full 7 days if you can. During a detox/cleanse period you cannot have any sugar, dairy, alcohol, gluten, starches, beans, or caffeine. It’s recommended that you take it easy and get lots of rest. To move your body, some light activity like yoga, pilates, stretching, and walking is encouraged. Staying hydrated throughout the day by drinking lots of water is critical, and a glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon every morning when you wake up is beneficial to help purge the toxins from your liver. By resetting your liver and colon, you are enabling your body to function so much better. There are optional detox kits you can take designed to help you get the most from your detox/cleanse. Some detox symptoms are possible, especially if you do not follow the detox/cleanse rules.

7. Hire a Health Coach.

This is an awesome way to get on track and stay on track. Having a strong—and healthy—support system is critical for your longterm success of feeling and looking your very best. I offer an array of programs and group challenges to meet your individual goals and needs.

Email me anytime if you have questions. There’s always going to be ups and downs on our journey and getting support when you need it is critical. Also, it’s important to learn how to make better decisions and trust yourself.

Everyday, let’s make a choice to be happy, healthy…and to do whatever it takes to love our lives more.

Pushing forward with love,

PS: If you’ve been curious about detoxing and not sure where to start, then you should check out my Purify Your Gut (and body) in 10 Days. I share lots of helpful tips along with step-by-step instructions that walk you through the entire 10 days. Plus there’s a meal plan with easy and delicious recipes and a next steps module so you know what to do after you finish the program. It’s by far my best-seller, and right now it’s on sale!

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