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Ashley & Baron RobertsonHey there, I’m Ashley (and this is my hubby, Baron who helps out on here sometimes) and we love exploring what makes people feel amazing and beautiful. You’ll find lots of easy, fun, and manageable ways to live healthy & fit all over this blog.

Not only am I the publisher of HealthyFunFit, but I’m also a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, & Fitness Trainer. I’ve written multiple books and programs that have helped hundreds of people with gut health issues, weight loss, progressive fitness training, optimal nutrition, the best supplements to take, and many other life-changing resources that I’ve learned so far.

And as we keep exploring new things, I’ll be sharing all of that with you too. 🙂

I work with people all over the world, virtually and in-person—and also offer private and group coaching. You can find all of my current programs and offerings in the menu bar above by clicking “Programs.” My passion is to empower you to love your life more…to feel amazing more often…to stop dieting, counting calories, and being hard on yourself…to bust through plateaus and get in the best shape of your life.

Goodness knows, I have made—and still make—lots of mistakes with my own diet and lifestyle, and I too have to hold myself accountable and get right back up after I fall. You being here is such a huge motivator for me to keep pushing forward and fighting for the body and life I truly love. Plus it’s way more FUN doing this together!

Whether you’re looking for weight loss, wellness, more energy, or to get fit—I can totally help you.

Even if you’ve tried everything else and failed, I believe it’s possible for you to have that breakthrough and truly feel amazing and love your body in the most radical way.

Join me today! Click “Programs” in the menu bar to explore how I can help you now. You can also get informed of any new recipes, workouts, supplements, and various other updates and specials by giving me your email in the top right corner of this page where it says “Subscribe—Don’t Miss A Post”. 🙂

A little more about me:

10-day detoxAs a teenager, I was 50 lbs heavier and teased relentlessly for being fat. To make it worse, I was miserably sick all the time. Through the years, yo-yo dieting and feeling like crap had become a staple. My lifestyle was loaded with processed crap and lots of other things that didn’t nourish me physically, emotionally, or creatively. Back then, no one ever talked about Candida, Leaky Gut, or proper nutrition. So of course I was totally clueless—as were ALL those doctors that were treating my issues and symptoms medically (hey that’s what they’re trained for, right?!)

After so many years of battling the emotional & depressing roller coaster of health and weight issues, I’d had enough—I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and hating my body! The panic attacks, eczema breakouts, insomnia, & constant bladder infections HAD TO STOP. And I needed to manage my weight once and for all.

Fast forward many years later after going on my own self-healing journey—since like I said, no medical doctor was able to help me, let alone figure out what my root problem was—I ditched my medication for nutritional supplements and dumped my sugar addiction for more nutritious foods. I’ve spent so much of my time and resources on natural weight loss and gut health that people have literally called me The Candida Queen (love it!).

Ashley RobertsonI’ve channeled a lot of my energy into experimenting with healthy, crazy, beautiful things that give me adventure, excitement, and fulfillment in ways I’d never imagined before…healthy ways that fill me with love and meaning. For even more fun, I’ve published several award-winning paranormal romance novels (I love writing!) and a few of my favorite indulgences are coffee, dark chocolate, and red wine.

In 2013, I published Extreme Makeovers where I started coaching virtual progressive fitness training and blogging about the many things I’d learned along my healthy lifestyle journey. In 2014, I received my training from Spencer’s Institute where I got my wellness coaching certification. Then in 2016, I graduated from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the world’s most cutting-edge nutrition school and only one in the world that integrates over 100 of the latest nutrition theories with coaching and business skills. Furthering my knowledge and expertise, I’m currently in Precision Nutrition’s Level 1 coaching program.

I researched…I experimented…I learned…and I triumphed. Now I’m here to share the journey and help you do the same thing! I’m just so grateful to God and this beautiful opportunity the universe has given me to help others!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope this site can be one of your tools that you lean on for living a fun and healthy life, and getting lots of support and encouragement when you need it. I’m here to help you out any way I can! 🙂

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Here’s What A Few Of My Clients Have To Say:

“I HIGHLY recommend working with Ashley. I know you’re probably thinking ‘everyone says that in testimonials – why should I go with this program besides the fact that you, who I do not know, would recommend it?’ Well, I can tell you from first hand experience that Ashley is one of the most caring individuals I have ever met and she WILL change your life. Before her challenge, I have tried so many others – some worked, some didn’t, but I tried. I felt like Ashley’s truly changed my life. She gave me so much knowledge, feedback, and interaction that it wasn’t possible for me to fail at this. Now that it’s over, I’ve lost 8+ lbs and have a better understanding of myself and why I WANT to be healthy.” ~Alex A.


I have lost a total of 10lbs. You are a true blessing in my life. I feel a lot better and I sleep better too. Linda R—Elklmont, AL


“I have lost a total of 8 pounds in 12 days because I had to ease into it also! Feel amazing and look forward to staying with the eating clean and healthy.” ~DeAnna W.


Thanks to Ashley’s help, drinking my Slim and eating a more balanced diet has helped with swelling and minimal weight gain throughout my pregnancy. Jennifer P—Denver, CO


“This 10-day detox has been just what I needed to get me back on track. From day one, I’ve had a lot more energy (with zero negative effects – yeah!) and I’ve fallen in love with my veggies again. Thanks, Ashley for the coaching and all the info, advice and support. And, thanks to my fellow cleansers for posting your challenges, successes and tips. It really was encouraging! As a bonus, I lost 6 lbs.” ~Luci W.


Lost 18 pounds and 4.5 inches in 1 month!
Im so excited about this. I just feel so awesome eating healthy. Its never been so easy. You have made all the difference in the world. My doctor was really happy that I was doing this great. She agreed with pretty much every single bit of advice that you’ve given me that I shared with her as it came up in our conversation. So that’s awesome you’re practically as good as a doctor. Jackie W—Lakeland, FL