Awesome Shoulders & Arms Exercise Combo + What I Ate In A Day

There’s just something sexy about toned arms…and nice rounded shoulders. That is such an appealing look to me. And being someone who trains every single week, I know how much work and consistency it takes to achieve it—which may give me a whole other appreciation for those sexy arms.

Sure, there’s some people out there that genetically have great upper bodies and don’t need to train that area as often…but for the rest of us who don’t (ah-hem) we totally gotta bust ass…or should I say bust arms!?

Ashley Robertson shoulders and arms

If you’re like me, then you don’t want to get bored with working out. That’s why I am constantly mixing things up and doing new progressive circuits or heavy training. You can check out my Sizzling Summer Shred workout to get a feel for how I love to train here.

Some “go to” upper body workouts for me include pushups and pullups. But that just isn’t enough to define my shoulders the way I like…and for me, sexy rounded shoulders look HOT…plus good shoulders help you show off all that hard effing work you do with your training. That’s why I love coming up with fun, new combos like the one I’m sharing today.

Progressive weight training is one of my fave styles to follow. It’s not only been shown to burn the most fat in the fastest amount of time, but these workouts are also shorter than most others and crazy intense. And I just love that!

Here’s my awesome, new exercise combo that focuses on your shoulders and arms. If you’re new to doing handstands, don’t rush to do this combo just yet. Instead, start practicing handstands using a wall for support. Once your comfortable in the handstand position, then you can set your timer and hold the pose for 30 seconds, 1 minute, etc.

Front Side Lat Raise + Dragon Hold + Handstand Criss Cross Toe Touch

In the video, I completed 4 reps of Front/Side Lat Raises, then did a Dragon Hold for 7 seconds, and finished it off with 10 (alternating) reps of Handstand Criss Cross Toe Touches. Try adding in a couple sets of this to your workouts for an extra upper body burn.

I have been having so much fun practicing handstand exercises—using my wall for support—and I truly hope you love adding this combo into your routine.

What I Ate In A Day

How you fuel your body is also a critical part of looking and feeling amazing. Why sabotage a great workout with a crap meal? I’m not saying never indulge—but I am saying be mindful of what you eat as often as possible. When I indulge I treat it like a reward, and then I get straight back on the healthy eating train.

Another thing I do to help with my indulgences is make healthier “trade offs” of the foods I am craving. For example, I make a lot of my own desserts, snacks, and breakfasts using natural ingredients and organic monk fruit or coconut palm sugar as my sweetener. Stevia is also another good plant-based, 0 calorie natural sweetener, but I prefer my beloved monk fruit instead. You can check out my post about monk fruit here.

Since your diet is a good 70%-80% of looking and feeling your best, I’m gonna share what I ate in a day to give you a feel for what works for my body. And also so you can see just how easy it is…and I still have some wine with dinner too! After all, you gotta live right?

One of my tools that empowers me to stay more strict with my eating is my glass or two of wine with dinner. If I made it all day without any hiccups in my diet, then I’ll totally reward myself. Maybe for you it’s a couple pieces of chocolate instead. Whatever it is, I think it’s good to have rewards and create pleasure links with the diet and lifestyle that empowers your goals.

Sweet Potato Protein Bar Breakfast

3 + 1/2 oz Sweet Potato Protein Bar + 7 Cherries + my fave cappuccino.

Chicken Sausage Chopped Grilled Veggies

Organic Chicken Sausage, Sliced Natural Chicken Breast, Chopped Grilled Veggies, 1/4 avocado.

Forgot to snap a pic. I had 1/2 of a Peach I got at the farmers market with about 6-7 almonds.

Healthy Thai Takeout Food

Didn’t feel like cooking so we ordered Thai takeout. I skipped the rice and just had a little garlic chicken and peanut chicken that I mixed together.

2 Glasses of Sterling Cabernet (napa 2014)

Now, since I’m a huge believer in vitamins, probiotics, and supplements—I’m gonna quickly share what my current regimen looks like. I never go a day without taking my supplements. Period.

* AM when I wake up –> 1 VitalBiome + 1 Liver Support + 1 XFactor+ Vitamin

* Mid-morning, during workout –> 1 scoop greens powder + 1 scoop prebiotic fiber + 1 packet Plexus Slim (mixed together in water and I sip through my workout).

* Lunch –> 1 MegaX tab + 1 Liver Support + 1 XFactor+ Vitamin

* About an hour or so before bed, I’ll drink a small glass of CALM. I do this about 4-5 nights each week and it noticeably helps with my sleep and elevated mood. Sometimes I’ll skip Bio Cleanse at Bedtime when I take my Calm and sometimes I’ll still take 1 capsule.

* Bedtime –> 1-2 Bio Cleanse + 1 MegaX + 1-2 ProBio5

On those nights I feel like I need extra help getting to sleep (which I have linked some of my insomnia symptoms to hormonal changes in my body) then I’ll add L-Theanine or Lemon Balm with my bedtime regimen.

What’s a day in your diet and fitness look like? Do you keep a food journal and track your meals like I sometimes do? It helps keeping things real for me…and I can easily see where I go wrong when my weight starts to shift upward.

If you need some help or motivation, then click here to check out my 30-Day Weight Loss & Fitness Challenge.

Love, 🙂

PS: If you’re new to the world of supplements and not sure what to take and what you may not need, then this post can totally help you out. I update this list as I discover amazing new products (natural, organic, more affordable, and best-quality).

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