Belief Is Not Truth

I see you and I think you have it all,
my thoughts morph into belief, and then that becomes my truth.
But thinking and believing doesn’t always equal truth…
…a slippery slope that leads you into a cage within your mind.
If not careful, that cage becomes a pulpit where that belief is spread
as if it should be everyone’s truth.

You look at me–maybe you think I have things you want or
live a way you’ve chosen to believe based on pictures you see.
You’re inspired, or jealous,
Your happiness mired by envy. Your belief rooted with insecurity.
Your thoughts become your beliefs–and then your truth.

Now my belief and your belief is so muddled by our own restless
feelings. We stand by our “truth” however convoluted it is.
It’s become comfortable, even if it hurts. It’s created a wedge
even though we crave to be closer.

Mental anguish seeps into tender emotions and lingers
for unpredictable amounts of time.
Thoughts become emotion, emotion becomes belief, and
belief leads us to what we think is true. But know that
truth can only be experienced without the interruption of
thoughts to convolute it. So with that is there anything
that is “true” for all of us?