What Is This Dripping Wet Fluid Feeling Inside My Head?

For the past 50 days, I’ve been feeling an odd dripping wet sensation in my head—like it’s inside my brain. Sometimes there is a coolness to it and other times it’s a normal temp. Also there are moments where there is tension, and other times it’s just this dripping wet feeling.

This Trickling Liquid Sensation In My Head Has Been Constant

And at times it drives me crazy. My only relief has been when I sleep.

When it first started, I experienced another scary symptom. I jolted awake with a small, throbbing area on the top/left side of my scalp. Like I was pulling hairs out in that tiny isolated area. There also was the sensation of water being inside my skull in that same spot. It lasted for a couple hours, and I mentally had to fight through panicked thoughts the entire time.

I did some breathing exercises, took half of a Valium, and sipped a little wine (my vice for just about everything—the wine, not the valium!)…and eventually I fell back asleep.

The next morning, those sensations were gone—but not my imagination about it. If you’re experiencing these “water in my brain and/or throbbing hair-pulling sensations” then you know just how scary your thoughts can get about them. Easier said then done, but you gotta try your best not to let those thoughts run wild and get some form of control over them. Like I said, easier said than done…but not impossible.

My motto for many years has been to try and figure things out holistically before going to a doctor. So that’s what I did. I had surgery back in February and there was a medication that I’d recently started taking that was supposed to help my body heal better. I stopped taking it right then and there. I’m not a fan of taking meds unless I absolutely have to, and if this medication was causing these scary sensations then whatever help it could possibly offer just wasn’t worth it to me.

*My policy on my blog is to share resources that I’ve personally found helpful and informing for you and other people to use as a starting point for your own research, and to make your own decisions with the care of your doctor.*

Almost a week passed without any throbbing, dripping feelings in my head and I thought I was in the clear. I’d convinced myself it was those meds and everything was better…until that nasty, scary feeling came back. Only this time, no more hair-pulling feelings—just constant water in my head. Sometimes it feels cool, sometimes just wet. Sometimes it is on the top/left, and other times it is at the top/back or top/front. I wipe at my forehead and across the sides as if water (or sweat) is dripping down it. But nothing’s there. It’s totally inside my skull.

I literally thought I had an aneurism or a brain tumor—or both. I mean, what the hell else could it be?

So I started looking up symptoms for aneurisms and tumors…I even nonchalantly asked a friend who’d just recently survived a horrible aneurism (she is seriously a miracle and her story gives me goose bumps). She told me she’d had headaches (some severe) and right before the actual aneurism she said it felt like a brain-freeze, that feeling you get in your head when you eat something frozen too fast.

Well, I wasn’t having headaches and that “cool water” feeling definitely wasn’t as if I’d eaten ice cream too fast. Some of the other symptoms I’d Googled (nausea, delusional, etc.) also did not apply to my particular creepy-ass situation.

All I feel is a dripping wet sensation that’s sometimes cool (not freezing). Sometimes there is a throbbing feeling, but not that pulling-hair feeling that occurred in the beginning. Just the wet head feeling that is at times super tense and other times more subtle. But always there. It’s making me fucking crazy.

And since I have no idea what the hell “this” is even called, I started researching “dripping in my head” and “cool wet sensation inside my head.” Here are some of the articles that came up:




Wet feeling in head
This shunting action can cause the skin, or parts of the skin, to feel cold and/or wet. Experiencing skin that feels cold and wet is a common sensation associated with an active stress response.

You’ve got to be kidding me? This whole thing could be stress? After reading through so many other similar experiences and how the ones that did go to a doctor never figured out what it was, and to make it worse was told that they were perfectly fine…oh my gosh, all of that triggered a memory of a horrible time in my life when I had constant panic attacks. About a half dozen ER visits all came back with a big fat nothing. I was told the same shit—“there is nothing wrong with you, here let me write you (another) script for Xanax.”

I was able to heal those damn panic attacks by reducing sugar in my diet and adding in probiotics. I’d never gotten another one. But this whole “head” thing going on has surely gotten me pretty close to one. It’s scary as hell!

I was at a moment since I hadn’t dropped dead from this “brain condition” yet, then it was time to start treating it as if it could really be stress-related.

All of us have stress—new stress, old stress, repressed stress. We all suffer from our own bullshit thoughts. Here’s a quote from The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck that totally hit the nail on the head (ha, I’ve even thought of hitting myself in the head to make this feeling stop).

“Life itself is a form of suffering. The rich suffer because of their riches. The poor suffer because of their poverty. People without a family suffer because they have no family. People with a family suffer because of their family. People who pursue worldly pleasures suffer because of their worldly pleasures. People who abstain from worldly pleasures suffer because of their abstention.”

It goes on to say,

“Problems never stop; they merely get exchanged and/or upgraded. Happiness comes from solving problems. The keyword here is “solving.” If you’re avoiding your problems or feel like you don’t have any problems, then you’re going to make yourself miserable. If you feel like you have problems that you can’t solve, you will likewise make yourself miserable.”

And taking it a little deeper…

“Happiness is a constant work-in-progress, because solving problems is a constant work-in-progress—the solutions to today’s problems will lay the foundation for tomorrow’s problems, and so on. True happiness occurs only when you find the problems you enjoy having and enjoy solving.”

So I put on my problem-solving hat—what’s bothering me? What’s hurting me right now? And what the fuck can I do about it?

I’m guilty of holding things inside. Vulnerable things that if spoken, I feel terrified to have admitted them. I observed how that was causing some turmoil in some of my relationships. It’s a total red flag for me if I take a little space (which in my opinion is perfectly fine…a little space helps me calm down and not feel so reactive about a hot situation) and then instead of feeling ready to face the issue, I’d rather push further away. I find that too much space can sometimes hurt the relationship.

Since it’s easier for me to write things down (I journal quite a bit about stuff that sometimes never gets shared, but it still feels better to get it out) so I grabbed my journal and started writing letters to the people that things had been building up pretty bad inside me. People I love deeply and want to have a relationship with. I got all my feelings out and with shaky fingers, hit the “send” button.

There, done. I got it all out. I pushed through my vulnerability and shared my inner feelings.

I hate to say it, but I still feel that pesky, crazy wet sensation in my head. For two days it calmed down where it was super minimal—I was really busy and didn’t have a moment to think about it. Maybe that helped? I know it had to because when I overthink about it, it only gets worse.

I’d hoped to have found a solution to share with you, but as of now I don’t have one. But what I can do is let you know you’re not alone. I feel it too. There are moments I feel close to a breakdown because it’s so scary. I just gotta keep my mind focused on something else. That’s really what seems to work the best. Finding out so many others are going through this has also been helpful. Perhaps therapy could be an option? If this keeps up I may end up giving that a try.

For me, I’ve linked it to stress and perhaps I’m at a personal and spiritual growth area in my life—perhaps there’s something big I’m about to learn. Perhaps after I have that breakthrough this “wet head” feeling will go away forever. God, I hope so. I pray that for you and me and everyone else going through this.

I’m not a big believer of coincidence…there is something to learn and grow from this whole thing. You’re not alone. I’m right here with you. As I continue to push through this situation, I’ll update this post with anything at all that I find helpful.

Update After 2 Years – Nov 2020

Those horrible dripping water sensations in my head have pretty much stopped happening for about a year now with hardly any relapses – thank God!. I’m grateful to finally have the time to share this update with you. While I cannot say for certain what exactly stopped it, (again I’m no doctor, just sharing my personal experience with hopes it can help you and anyone else reading this) there are several things I did over the past two years that I personally believe helped me the most.

Breathing exercises, meditation/prayer time, journaling.

I set my morning alarm to give me the extra time I needed to add this in my daily schedule. If 5 minutes is all I had, then that’s what I did. Some days I spend 10-20 minutes or more. Each day is different. At first this was very challenging for me because my mind would race with thoughts, or I’d get bored trying to sit there and count my breaths. It was also easy to blow off on the days I was extra busy. But even if I missed a day (or two) I never gave up and after about a year of doing this, it’s finally become a habit that I look forward to. And for me this has been a very healthy habit in my life.

I relied on free videos on YouTube for guidance with this and the ones that have been most helpful for me are:

Deepok Chopra 21-Day Abundance Meditation Challenge.
Boho Beautiful.
There is also a free app on my Fit Bit.

(I am not affiliated with any of these companies. These are the ones I personally like the best and I have actually spent my own money on some of their offered programs.)

Regular massages.

My husband gave me deep tissue massages in my neck and shoulders and afterward there was some relief. He used his elbow instead of his hands and it was very painful at times. But it was that “good” pain that would bring tears to my eyes. To keep up with the massages when he isn’t available, we purchased some portable ones from Amazon. My fave so far has been the one that wraps around your neck and has arm straps. You can lower it all over your back and move your arms forward/backward to increase/decrease how deep the massage is. At the time of me writing this it was around $39 and was offered through prime. I am affiliated with Amazon and here is the link to the Shiatsu one we have: https://amzn.to/3mIpYXu

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. ~Leo Tolstoy


Fitness has been a huge part of my life for a while now, but adding in yoga really helped me with connecting my mind and body through breath. I never understood what that meant before, but after consistently sticking with yoga for about a year I finally understand. It helped me get mentally strong enough to accomplish and hold poses I never thought my body could ever do, and it simmered down a lot of that constant mind chatter. Yoga also releases built-up tension/stress through various stretches, and afterward there is an incredible sense of calm and relief. There are so many free yoga videos out there, and some are only 10 minutes. What a difference even 10 minutes can make. 

Here are the yoga teachers I love the most:

Fightmaster Yoga. = https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcox27Gc-NGbb2-X9hdLaMw
Boho Beautfiul. = https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWN2FPlvg9r-LnUyepH9IaQ
Yoga with Cassandra. = https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=yoga+with+kassandra

(I am not affiliated with any of these companies. These are the ones I personally like the best and I have actually spent my own money on some of their offered programs.)

Over the past couple years I’ve tried to set healthier boundaries and have spent more quality time with family and friends.


Spend more time in nature. I love the beach, but I’m also happy at the farm or on nature trail—or just being outside for a bit. Every time I’m at the ocean I feel a weight lift off my soul.


I cannot say for sure if supplements helped or not, but I’ve always believed in taking certain ones to ensure there are no nutrition deficiencies. Here’s an article I wrote about that back when I was health coaching: http://www.healthyfunfit.com/core-supplements-optimal-health/

When the wet-head sensation happened to me, I started researching supplements that specifically helped the brain. I also reduced my caffeine and switched over to mushroom coffee, which has half the caffeine regular coffee does: http://www.healthyfunfit.com/love-coffee-less-caffeine-mushroom-coffee/
Interestingly, medicinal mushrooms kept coming up in a lot of my brain health research.

Here are the Amazon affiliate links to the ones I personally liked:

Genius Mushrooms = https://amzn.to/2DJY6Qw 
Host Defense Brain Mushrooms = https://amzn.to/2DKiosW 
L-tyrosine = https://amzn.to/3kODrg2

If you’re going through this—and I’m assuming you are if you’ve gotten all the way down here on this post—then I’d love to hear from you if there’s anything working for you that’s helping. Anything at all. Nothing is too crazy. There are so many helpful comments below (thank you!) and it still blows my mind how many of us have been affected by this.

To figuring this out together,


112 responses to “What Is This Dripping Wet Fluid Feeling Inside My Head?

  1. Amit K

    I have the exactly same feeling since last 10 days and I am really scared. Mri is all clear, doc says its fine. So why is this happening ?

    • I wish I could answer “why” this happens….when the feeling comes it is uncomfortable and scary. I’ve been managing it ok with the massages and I ramped up my morning meditations again (about 10 minutes each morning) to help reduce my stress. Also, I’ve been experimenting with a couple supplements that are for brain health…I’ll be adding that info to this post. Based on my research and personal experience I believe this dripping wet feeling in my head is caused by high stress for long durations of time—and the more things I do to keep my stress levels down, the better I feel. Almost the whole past week I’ve been completely free of that horrible feeling and I am so grateful for that. If you’ve tried anything that works for you, please share it. I hope you feel better as soon as possible. ~A

      • Komal

        I am experiencing the same from last months ..thank god I am not the only one who is going through this I thought I have something serious 😭😭😭

        • Zapke

          I have/had the same feeling and IT got better or is almost gone, after I did bloodketting 3 times, once a month 150-200ml

        • It has gotten so much better for me. Every once in a while the wet sensation comes back, but not nearly as frequent as before. I sometimes go weeks without feeling it. I still haven’t been able to link it to anything other than stress, but at my last annual check-up the doctor did a stress test and told me I had the stats of a 20-yr old (I’m 40). I truly wish I knew more and wish you the best in your healing journey.

      • Jaye

        Hey Ashley. Hope all is well. I stumbled across your post here obviously searching the same thing. Do you have a page or blog you use on social media. I found a few helpful tips to share. Also, I love the Subtle Art Message. Very moving. Hope to connect with you soon. Take care.


      • Samantha

        I have the same cold sensation right on the top of my head. I did get shingles on the top if my forehead. Eye doc and doctor told me that it’s normal its the nerves. I still feel weird about it. It’s been here for weeks now and hasn’t left. Its making me crazy and think all these crazy things about .tumors . Nothing really helps. I do have a sinus infection also I don’t know it that is apart of it too. Helllllp

        • Seremak Joy

          Hello Jack, I am suffering from the same thing since the past 10 days. The doctor told me I have an middle ear infection. I am really scared because I have never felt anything like it before.

    • Jack Patrick

      I also felt a dripping down my forehead feeling that was incredible because i never felt anything like this. This was 4 years ago and it gradually went away. I recently have been diagnosed with lyme disease and i tied the tick bite into the time frane when the neurological wet feelings began therefore i attribute mine to the influx of lyme disease and the effects it has on the brain.

      • Hanna

        Thanks for sharing that.
        I have that creepy feeling of something dripping down my back and also in my head. Its horrible.
        And nothing comes in tests o xrays.
        Its good to know many people have this and I am not going crazy.

    • Pam

      I am fighting this currently. Had it in my head for lil while. Now the hard news. I ate sushi and caught a parasite infection and becuz their damn tests don’t find them I was left untreated so the shit spread. Finally a awesome doctor just believed me gave me meds. The water dripping was a old parasite probably from childhood. The sushi nightmare solved my problem. Sorry to share the horror possibility

      • Wow. I’ve done several parasite cleanses in the past but never thought to consider connecting the dots with those scary water brain sensations. There’s still quite a bit of research out there that connects stress as well. Definitely gives another angle to consider if it happens again. Thanks so much for sharing. Wishing you all the best. ~A

      • Rain Battah

        Please what medication did the doctor give you if you remember?
        I might be going through same thing

  2. Amit K

    Thanks. My stress level has gone so high that I have got pain in left half of the Jaws. And at times I get vertigo too. And also spasms on left face. Have seen the doc 4 times. He says it’s all stress as the test are all clear. I hope I get over this stress thing very soon. Thanks again.

    • Baxter Jackson

      Did it ever go away?
      I have similar pain- it’s all the time. Head feels wet like this article, spasms, minor jaw pain, vision is distorted, and little vertigo. Been to many neurologists, other docs, and no answers. Any feedback would be great.

      • Pam

        High quality iodine helped clean my brain. Along with a parasite cleanse. Listen to your gut.com…she has the master Parasite cleanse formula. The msm sulfer is magic the magic ingredient fir this problem. Sorry it’s terrible. It’s a substance not just stress.

      • Christina

        I have the same exact symptoms too, and no answers. I am getting an MRI for the second time this week.

    • It still comes and goes with me too…I’ve been experimenting with various brain health supplements to see if they can help. Also wondering if diet could be a link? Since starting my new job my diet hasn’t been as clean…plus the extra stress. Sending healing vibes your way. I hate you’re going through this too, but you’re not alone and I do believe there’s hope in getting healed. We can’t give up.

      • Annah

        Hey , I’ve been having this liquid feeling in my head too and now I know that I’m not the only one feeling this & also know that it could be due to stress .Thanks soo much for the advice 🙏😘

      • Ellen Steadman

        Hi, I have had covid19 during which period I heavily supplemented on various neutraceutical recommended by Phyllis Balch CNC , author of Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing, now in 6th edition I think… Lately [about 1 month ago i have felt water running in my head and upper body…thought it was covid related..also thought it may be allergy related as covid19 can set off allergies … Please tell if any of the brain supplements have helped? Thanks!

        • Wow I totally believe you… I’ve been diagnosed with COVID 3 different times with negative results in between the positives and two of those times with the antibodies several work ups and was told I was depressed and I was just having anxiety attacks … no way I know my body and since my first diagnosis I haven’t been the same… after getting labs back found out my vitamin D is at 4%which is critically low vitamin b12 low low hemoglobin 7.7 low iron which is fighting against the antibodies making my heart overworked and COVID has damaged my nerve cells causing me to have stroke symptoms all day that are “not real” with motion sickness thinking I’m going to fall while sitting in a chair it has thrown off my gait always nauseated and all of that was diagnosed as Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) is a condition in which a change from lying to standing causes an abnormally large (or higher than normal) increase in heart beat rate.[1] This occurs with symptoms that may include lightheadedness, trouble thinking, blurred vision, or weakness.[1] Other commonly associated conditions include Ehlers–Danlos syndrome, mast cell activation syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, chronic headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia… please listen to your body and DO NOT EXCEPT ANY ANSWER GET SECOND OPINION PLEASE.. I know the difference from depression/ anxiety attack from being sick COVID is the gift that keeps on giving. Go get help

  3. Anne Marie

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I came searching because of how my body has been feeling and I know it is related to the high level of stress I am going through right now. Reading your post reminded me to go get my journal and to pour my thoughts as as well as some strategies for dealing with work which is the area of stress right now. Every one else, I have put first. Now at the expense of my health and that stops today. Sometimes the phone will be off. I will clearly state my windows of availability (which will no longer include my personal time in the evenings). No more working into the night on other people’s projects and priorities while my own go on neglected. Time out.

    • I’ll never forget this scenario a good friend shared with me a while back….you know when you’re on a plane about to take off and the flight attendants are going over emergency protocol? When the oxygen masks fall, who do you put it on first? YOURSELF…and then you can help others around you. That really resonated with me. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we are not the best version of ourselves for our family and friends. Sending positive vibes your way.

  4. Devynn

    My goodness is terrifing, I’ve been to the hospital 8 times, cat scans, mri, just to be told nothing was found. Anxiety and stress levels are high so maybe it’s feom that, I’ll have to try and calm down. Praying to god it goes away and never comes back again.

    • It really is so scary. And it’s unpredictable, just like my panic attacks had been when I suffered from them. I’m praying it goes away for us all. We need to keep finding ways to stay healthy and manage our stress levels as good as we can. We’re in this together. Sending well wishes your way.

  5. Fernanda

    I’m honestly going through the same. It’s HORRIBLE and so random! Getting an MRI within the next month THANK GOD and I’ll share the results but sometimes it literally feels like the sensation you get right before a nosebleed in your head except your nose doesn’t bleed and then it just feels like trickling (down the back of my head in my case). Brain aneurysms run in my family so I honestly get TERRIFIED but I’m always told nothing is wrong. I feel bad for putting my family through the scare too but I’m scared to death when it happens and I also feel like passing out, I get super light-headed and weak. Does that happen to you all? I really hope it’s just stress and to get a definite answer ASAP. I keep hearing MS is another possibility but last time my test for MS was negative, so blessed with that. Could it also be a lack of nutrients? I’m low on a few

    • It really is horrible! I also wondered if it could be a deficiency of some kind and have been experimenting with various supplements. Here’s some of the products that I’ve been trying out (some of them are linked from my affiliate FYI).

      https://amzn.to/2Q4ea5g = L-Tyrosine
      https://amzn.to/2DJY6Qw = Genius Mushrooms
      https://amzn.to/2DKiosW = Host Defense Brain Mushrooms
      https://amzn.to/2TliM5V = SunBiotics probiotic/prebiotic
      https://healthyfunfit.puretrim.com/daily-complete.cfm = Multivitamin loaded with nutrients and minerals

      Also omega 3s are great for brain health.

      Please keep me posted if you are able to find anything else out. You’re not alone…it is crazy how many of us are affected by this! I’ll share again after my next doctor checkup if I discover anything helpful too. Sending healing vibes and positive thoughts your way.

      • Jazz

        Hi everyone I’m here for the same reason. I thought my stress was down but as soon as I start to feel better I get these wet sensations and if not I get light headed. I have had mris and gone to the er primary care and neurologist all say it’s anxiety but I have never felt this with anxiety it seems like a nerve disorder

  6. Kay Kay

    Wow, I thought it was just me. Glad to know other people are experiencing this. Its honestly terrifying. I wish the best for you all

  7. Im glad to know that i am not the only one feeling this way. I suffered from a concussion 9 days ago and although I tried to relax my head and not do any chores I still have a headache. Now, this feeling has occured. I do suffer from anxiety and that may have cause this feeling. I have not spoke to my doctor cause I am giving myself time to see if I will heal. But It scares me not knowing.

    • It hasn’t been coming on as much as it had been…thank God…but when it does it’s still really scary. I’m still stressed, but I’ve stayed consistent with my morning meditations (about 7-10 mins) every day. And lots of breathing exercises throughout the day, which do help calm me down a little. I also added Medicinal mushrooms to my supplement routine. I’m not a doctor—just sharing my personal experience with hopes it can help others going through it too, and you should always consult your doctor before taking advice from someone’s blog. For me, I still believe this is caused from stress and anxiety. The more I work on managing that, the less it seems to flare up in my head. Here are the mushroom supplements so you can explore it further if you want.
      https://amzn.to/2DJY6Qw = Genius Mushrooms
      https://amzn.to/2DKiosW = Host Defense Brain Mushrooms
      I am praying this feeling goes away and never comes back again for all of us. I’m sorry you’re going through it…but you are NOT alone. ~A

  8. Leon

    Hi Ashley, Thank you for opening up a forum for discussion on this. Comforting to know its not just me!

    I’m experiencing a similar thing and as it’s supposedly inside our heads it’s frighteningly difficult to know for sure what to make of it. If i go to a doctor I’m not really sure theyd take it serioisly. I wonder whether it’s a hypersensitivity to normal bodily brain functions. It feels like a drip of water running down the inside of my head. Similar to a drip on the outside but there’s nothing there.

    Another issue that I’ve been getting is a feeling like I’m going to suffocate or something when sleeping on one side. Everything goes very quiet and almost ‘closes in’, and I have to roll over to the other side to almost reset my head.. It occurs just as I’m about to fall asleep and wakes me straight back up with a jolt. Very odd!

    Lastly, for a considerable time now I’ve also been getting what I’m becoming convinced is brain fluid (almost certainly not the technical term) out of my nose. Unlike standard mucus it runs straight out like water. Transparent in colour. Doesnt seem quite right.

    I’m sure stress is a big factor in it all.
    Plus I take mirtazapine antidepressants which adds another layer. I’d love to hear your thoughts? Thanks for the tip about getting a massage, I’m going to give that a try and see if it helps this week.

    Due a trip to the doc I think !


    • Alex

      Leon, I have been living the exact symptoms you described for the last 1.5 years on and off!! The main lasting staple has been neck pain near the CT joint that WILL NOT go away. I’ve tried pretty extensive PT, the chiropractor l, dry needling, etc. and it’s been a struggle for sure to keep the pain away. Curious if you have any updates since your previous post…

      I’d like to at least share that I have been diagnosed somewhat definitively with a SSN impingement that logically could be attributed for most of the symptoms, as well as an abnormality at my C4 vertebrae that was discovered by an MRI. I’m only 29, and degenerative causes have been more or less ruled out, so a bulging disc could be to blame. Either way, I’ve come to discover thru my therapy that my neck tension: especially traps, and the muscles near my skull base and just behind my ears, is almost constantly engaged and is the most likely culprit for the secondary symptoms similar to yours.

      I’ll admit, however, that the comment about a potential CSF leak is a little concerning, as I clearly remember a few occasions where I can only describe it as my nose being a literal faucet for approximately 24-48 hours completely out of the blue, but the good news is I have been living with this for well over a year now and seem to still be healthy otherwise.

      Hopefully that gives others a little reassurance that these are mostly ancillary symptoms of what is likely a benign cause, such as chronic neck tension, which seems to be a common thread for nearly every person in here, whether due to anxiety, stress, clinical cause, temporary chemical imbalance, etc. I’m far from cured of my symptoms though, and I’ll add to them pretty extreme fatigue and occasional general shakiness, so if anyone has any good advice or thoughts to share I’ll welcome it!

  9. Marshsy

    I’m also glad to know I’m not alone. I get the water tingling down my head sensation with a headache and tension feeling. I’ve had a cat scan, blood work, and mri which all come back normal. These Paresthesia feelings are very scary and drive me insane. The sensations started after I applied a prescription drug called elidel to my face and from then on it’s been a turmoil.

    • Danie

      I never had this feeling until I started my birth control after having my baby… So I am stopping the pills just to see if it makes a difference. I don’t take any other pills only vitamins. So I’ll see how it goes..

  10. Danie

    I am having this feeling now and I hate it so much especially hearing stories of people having brain tumors and stuff. I don’t have headaches or anything like that.
    I have been going through a lot with LIFE and I fear a lot of things. I went to my doctor and she said to seek counseling, exercise, and I’ve also been taking stress vitamins OLLY brand.

    I never knew other people were having the same feeling. its scary and I feel like I’m going to lose my mind! I will try getting a deep massage this weekend 🙂

    • I’m doing much better now…Every once in a while the wet sensation comes back, but not nearly as frequent as before. I sometimes go weeks without feeling it. I still haven’t been able to link it to anything other than stress, but at my last annual check-up the doctor did a stress test and told me I had the stats of a 20-yr old (I’m 40). I truly wish I knew more and wish you the best in your healing journey.

  11. Jazmyn

    I have this sensation at the top of my head and my first thought was a brain tumor or aneurysm. I was just diagnosed with sinusitis and I am hoping it is related to that. I had a CT scan today and now waiting results. It is such an odd feeling to have mine has only been a couple of days, but it is awful and uncomfortable.

  12. ancient spirit

    I have the same strain and pressure on top of head and dripping feeling inside. If I bend down I feel the pressure. It was really cold around here, and yes, mornings I’ve gone out after washing my hair (no drying) without a hat.
    None of you guys have been diagnosed with meningitis? That’s what I can think of. Hope I’m ok.

  13. Nick

    This is literally the only page where I’ve found a similar description of what I’ve been going through for the past two weeks or so.

    It started with a cool feeling on the top of my head on the left side and it would come and go and freak me out. Then it migrated across like a band across the top of my head. Then it would go away. Then my temple started to feel pressure like a knot was forming and then also go away after a while.

    But the full “cool” feeling on the top left side would always be there, with varying degrees of intensity. Sometimes it would get hot too. But none of it was really painful just a sensation. Maybe a 2 on a pain scale of 1-10. Occasionally I would feel more pressure around my temple that would get to maybe a 4. Today I had a bout of “wetness” in different areas and a general tension all around, which lead me to your page.

    It mainly tapers off at night, but tonight it was worse. I wake up and not feel it as much and hope it was gone and then it would slowly get stronger again throughout the day.

    I read that your blood pressure starts off low
    In the morning, peaks in the afternoon and the lowers again at night. So naturally I associated the slight pain and pressure to that. Then I was thinking it could be blood/vessel/clot related. But why would it travel all around the head?

    What’s so frustrating is I’m reading that it’s due to anxiety, which you would think would ease my mind (literally) but the more I feel it the worse my anxiety becomes. So around and around we go. I don’t know if I’m making it worse or if there’s really something wrong.

    I have a drs appt in a few days but I’m flipping out that something will happen to me over the weekend and I won’t get there in time. I think I either need someone to tell me I’m nuts or get a scan to convince myself it’s nothing.

    Could be sinus related. Could be a viral meningitis? Could be diet related? Too much vitamin D (I have been taking a lot since my dr said I was low like everyone in the universe)? Too much supplements? Too much protein?

    I have had some benign issues in the past like restless legs, body twitches / spasms and other things that seem to happen out of nowhere and I work myself up about them. I’m always told by my doctor that it’s all nothing to worry about. So ok, maybe I’m a nutcase. Is that it? It all feels too real to just be a fabricated feeling… right?

    I take care of myself pretty good too. I try to eat well. Not a lot of junk. Eat fish. Eat tons of green veggies and salads. Lean meats. Try to get enough sleep, at least 6-8 a night. I’m very active at the gym. I run over 12 miles a week and play ice hockey 1-2x a week. So if that’s not enough to alleviate the stress of life I don’t know what is!

    Because I do worry a little, I made the decision to start taking a daily low dose aspirin some months ago. I read an article about its pros. Then months later another article about its cons. So I wanted to stop. But I can’t now because of the dangers associated with stopping. All this plays into the head thing- is my blood thin? Is it causing bleeding of or on the brain? Is that the wet feeling? Is it part of the anxiety that is causing it? Possibly. Reading my own words make me think I need a shrink and not a general physician.

    We have however had some financial hardships recently. Things have kind of compounded on us and maybe I’m feeling pressure due to that. It’s very possible. But to manifest itself in such a physical way is debilitating and scary. And the last thing I want to do is spend a bunch of money we don’t have just to find out that it’s stress/anxiety… because that will only add more!


    • Gerard

      This is the most Acurate description of my experience. Both symptoms and mind set.

      I have been prescribed seratonin to reduce anxiety and depression. It’s early days tho, but I will provide an update of the results.

      • I’m doing much better now…Every once in a while the wet sensation comes back, but not nearly as frequent as before. I sometimes go weeks without feeling it. I still haven’t been able to link it to anything other than stress, but at my last annual check-up the doctor did a stress test and told me I had the stats of a 20-yr old (I’m 40). I truly wish I knew more and wish you the best in your healing journey.

  14. Bridget

    I’ve had this happen off and on for almost 2 years! My dr said it was due to my fibromyalgia(which I was diagnosed with after my first baby which was emergency section) stress, anxiety, put me on Zoloft which helped but my mental and emotional health was the best it ever was I was just frustrated with myself for little things I was doing here or there, until I started getting too annoyed with my symptoms that’s when I decided to come off it, cuz between myself and my dr I believed that the symptoms were were then what they were helping with. Months went by and I was still doing things or had thing happen that I couldn’t explain. For example head ache without pain, just pressure, my right ear constantly ringing, vision change, hearing loss, weakness in my hands that I couldn’t even squeeze toothpaste out, left eye always twitching, pain in my shoulders no matter what I did or took, and i HATE taking meds. I don’t see the need of it like yourself I’d rather a holistic approach first. I’ve tried every proscription for fibromyalgia and nothing solved all my issues. Fast forward to now I had a baby in April, section, epidural wouldn’t work, vitals kept dropping so they opted for spinal. Also when i was 9 I found out I was born with spina bifita occtula. I’ve always suffered from lower back problem, so the fact that all my issues are flared up the one time makes me panic and my anxiety bad, not because I’m having anxiety about anything else. I’m all over the place if you can tell.. lol went to emergency twice Tuesday because I couldn’t get out of bed, couldn’t see straight, cpuld barely walk and could hardly talk, had a ct Friday and neurologist next week. I’ll keep you all posted

  15. Jill

    Hello, I am having the same cold water dripping feeling on my head. I reached up tonight to wipe the water away. It was pretty strange. I would just like to share with you guys that I have been diagnosed with chronic Lyme’s Disease and have 11Tickborne illnesses and multiple mold toxicity’s. The Lyme they know pasted the blood brain barrier and I have neurological Lyme. If anyone wants to get checked- look up “Lyme Literate Medical Doctor ( if not and you go to a general practitioner or Doctor who your insurance will pay for you will not be diagnosed properly- just read about Lyme sufferers/journey…it’s the new epidemic and ignored ) and make sure that you are seen by the appropriate people. God bless you all and know. Those with the most compassionate have suffered the most. Much love, Jill

  16. Karla

    Hi there
    I have had this wet sensation particularly in one spot on the top left side of my head, occasionally I get a wet sensation on my body too- arms, legs and even eye!! It is very frightening and very upsetting that it hasn’t gone away, I had an MRI to query MS and an EEG and all came back clear. I was going through a stressful time when it started. It I feel better now yet it still hasn’t gone away. Do you think I should see a different neurologist for a second opinion? Please help! I don’t want to live in fear

    • Sending positive vibes for healing your way. My policy on my blog is to share resources that I’ve personally found helpful and informing for you and other people to use as a starting point for your own research, and to make your own decisions with the care of your doctor. Every once in a while the wet sensation comes back, but not nearly as frequent as before. I sometimes go weeks without feeling it. I still haven’t been able to link it to anything other than stress, but at my last annual check-up the doctor did a stress test and told me I had the stats of a 20-yr old (I’m 40). I truly wish I knew more and wish you the best in your healing journey.

    • Pam

      Listen to your gut.com. click on the parasite cleanse. The msm sulfur is key ingredient in her formula that made me better

  17. Nick

    Update –

    I went to my primary and told him the deal. He scheduled me for a CAT scan and it was denied by my insurance because of “insufficient symptoms” Can you believe that?

    So then he sent me to a neurologist and after talking to him and performing some very basic motor function tests he said everything was fine and it is probably anxiety/stress related. He said if it doesnt go away after a few weeks call me.

    I waited almost 2 months. It would come and go but it continued. One day I was a little worse off so I called his office and demanded an MRI. This time it passed through (probably because it was ordered by a Neuro) and I got the scan done.

    They called back after about a week and said everything was normal, but I have a small cyst in my TMJ joint. My primary was confused about this so he is sending me to an ENT. This was a little ways back and since then It hasn’t been nearly as severe, but it still is there nonetheless.

    I plan to make the ENT appointment after my yearly physical thats coming up soon. Will continue to dig for answers.

    Thank you for your support!

    • Thanks so much for your update! I’m doing much better now too…but every once in a blue moon the wet sensation comes back, but not nearly as frequent as before. I sometimes go weeks–or longer–without feeling it. I still haven’t been able to link it to anything other than stress/anxiety, but at my last annual check-up the doctor did a stress test and told me I had the stats of a 20-yr old (I’m 40). So it got me thinking perhaps repressed stress? Or a combo of current stress plus whatever pain, struggles, anxiety still haunting us from the past–even if we don’t know what it is sometimes?? I truly wish I knew more and wish you the best in your healing journey. Thank you again for sharing.

      • Nick Casbar

        For me the wet/cool sensation that was on the top of my head at the very beginning of all of this is completely gone, which is kinda odd. Anything I feel now is relegated to my left side, almost like a band that runs from my cheek muscle to the top of my head. But it is very light and not painful at all. So it definitely can be nerve related – possibly due to the TMJ cyst that showed up in the scan? Maybe inner ear related? We will see.

        I must add that about 10-12 years ago I had a very bad case of vertigo and I cured it myself by doing a series of head movements that I read about online. Something to do with repositioning the fluid in your inner ear. So I don’t want to rule out seeing the ENT as it may play a part. I also have a history of concussions, most of them mild and one more severe when I was around 10 y/o. I’d like to rule out as many physical causes as possible before throwing in the stress/anxiety towel.

        Anyway – It’s good to hear that you aren’t experiencing it as often. But I know you would love to attribute it to something, that is what makes it all so frustrating. Especially for people who are rigorous in their training and keep close tabs on their bodies and diet. All in all we should be thankful that it is relatively benign in nature and do our best to keep healthy habits moving forward.

        Good luck and thanks for your reply!

  18. Sasha Leskovansky

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one having this feeling. It really freaked me out cause I’m a stroke survivor. I’m only 29 but obviously haven’t had the best luck in my past.
    I’ve also am partially paralyzed on my left side. This liquid feeling is on my left side which I’m not sure what it would feel like if it was on my right cause I only partially feel things and my head is the worst cause it dont more like my arms, fingers, legs and toes do.
    I also get the feeling of suffocation when laying on either side of my body. I have tension in my shoulders an hour neck also. I see a chiropractor every couple days. It helps but the tension and pain comes right back. Idk what the reason is for it is though other than stress.

  19. Verinder

    Hi Ashley and All,

    In my case it seems that dripping-wet feeling inside brain due to highly stressful or high-pressurized panicked environment for LONG TIME. Or we can say consistently in panicked and anxious environment for LONG TIME bring this feeling.

    In my case that feeling almost went away.
    What I did was:
    1. Let your near and dear one know that you have specific brain issue & what all the steps to take if you loose your consciousness any day. This will be helpful to shed a bit burden from your shoulders.

    2. When this dripping-wet feeling happen then just believe and remind yourself “Nothing will happen to you” Or “You are not going to die just now”.
    Once your brain will learn to believe this above mentioned belief then slowly, slowly you can see your improvement from dripping-wet sensation inside your brain.

    3. If possible then do 6-8 months rest at home or within environment which is socially helpful to you.

  20. Jannie

    Ashley et al … Thank you so much for your posts. I have experienced this wetness inside my head for the last two years on and off. It is comforting to know that I am not alone in this journey. Noone else in my life has experienced these feelings. Current bout has lasted 11 days so far.

    These sensations began at the same time I was being tested for a stroke. Turns out it wasn’t a stroke but that I had a cavernoma on my brain. A cluster of swollen blood cells (not dissimilar to a raspberry). Benign.
    My neurologist has said that the wet sensation is stress related and nothing to do with the cavernoma.
    Having now read the inital post and subsequent responses here it would seem she is correct.

    Thank you for being here and for providing me with comfort and ideas for lessening/ managing these feelings.
    I hope everyone finds a way through their own personal journey.

  21. Salma Tahir

    Oh god I’m so happy I’m not going sane with being the only one going through this .. it’s the fear in my head ..same symptoms can’t pin point how it started .. maybe it’s something I have taken … have jaw and teeth pain aswell … I’m so confused no one really has mentioned how it’s gone away … so is it a long term chronic I’llness ..

  22. Salma Tahir

    Pray to god we are all cured from this ..what ever our journeys I hope god creates means to cure us of this

  23. I don’t know how to thank you enough for this post. I could even finish reading the whole blog and I felt a wonderful relief that you have no idea experience this was for me. I just want to thank you from the lowest part of my heart. You are an angel, May God blessed you a million.

  24. Halyma

    Dearest all. Really am feeling relieve after reading all the postings & experience shared. I have been experiencing the same weird & scary sensation since few months ago and actually almost a year. A friend shared a tips doing mind theraphy, praying to God, hoping that God gives His Mercy on us all & gives all of us heal completely. Here is the tips –

    “With the name of Allah the most gracious and the most merciful.
    With the name of Allah that heals.
    With the name of Allah that suffices all.
    With the name of Allah that provides us good health.
    With the name of Allah that no calamity befalls those who takes protection in His name from all evil in the earth or the skies. He is the all hearing and all knowing.”

  25. Halyma

    Dear friends, one more thing besides mind teraphy, my doctor asked me to do multiple blood test such as Full Blood Count (FBC) & to check for cholesterol level and thyroid test and also stress test as well. My doctor found out that the weird dripping wet sensation in the head phenomenon was due to high cholesterol (it was 7.27 exceeded the border line 5) and also due to iron deficiency. Thank God, finally Dr found out the root causes of it and gave medication. For the thyroid test, it was. Normal. Stress test, yest it was one of the factor, I was stressed with works & very lonely at home (I was renting a house alone). Dr said I need members of family or friends around me. Thank God I am cured now, no more water dripping in the head. I am also still on cholesterol medication & taking vitamins for the iron deficiency. Hoping all of us will cure, amiin….

  26. Jo

    I came in search of answers for this same phenomenon that I have been experiencing sporadically for about two weeks. It’s a trickling, wet feeling and at the time it feels like it is on the outside (left lower base behind head) but when I reach back it is is nothing. I have been debating on whether or not I should get it checked because I have no other symptoms and it does not hurt.

  27. shiv

    Its such a relief to read this post and know that i am not alone in this , i have been facing same thing inside my head its already been 2 days when I first told my parents they couldnt believe me because I didnt have the feels when I was distracted and is busy with other things but whenever I am alone and paying too much attention to it the feeling comes back and its terrifying this post really helped with my anxiety but I couldnt sleep because of that wet feeling inside my head

  28. Sammi Curr

    I first had this feeling 3 weeks ago on acid and it keeps continuing I thought my brain was deteriorating

  29. Mildred

    Oh i have the same problem it brought my anxiety and panic attacks back to the surface. Ive notice mines is associated with my stomach. Im currently working on fixing my stomach lining which im sure it damaged due to stress. I will try the massages cause i do have problems with tight muscles in the neck and shoulder area. I cry when i get a massage. Tears.

    • Simply Blissly

      I have the same water symptoms and I have been wondering if this is somehow attached to my gut. What made you realize it was connected to your stomach?

  30. Blessing

    I have this same feeling it comes out of different holes at the back of my head….the water keep dripping out of my head but l’m not seeing it.

  31. Flo

    Thank you so much for this post. I am 37 years old, and have been having this fluid dripping feeling in head for 3 weeks now. Like everyone, I have done all the tests and scans and everything came back normal, which I’m really thankful for. But one thing that I also had was really high blood pressure. I have never had BP problems before, so was very surprised when dr said it was very high, and had to go to ER. I am now taking BP medication, and the feeling is still in my head now and then. I never thought I had stress, Im a very calm and positive person, and this whole episode has been quite scary and uncertain.
    Glad to hear I am not alone… hope all of us get through this in due time.

    • Vee

      Hi ….. I’ve had the exact same symptoms for the past six months it’s driving me crazy. I’ve traced it back to a session I had with a Chiropractor. During the treatment he cracked the left side of my neck but the right side gave a crunch rather than crack. As soon as I got up from the table I had a pounding headache. After 5 days I still had it so I had to return, I was told I had got up from the table to quick!!! He cracked my neck again and said I’d be fine but 6 months later I’ve had the wet dripping sensation constantly sometimes mild sometimes more intense but always there. I went to my GP who treated me for an ear infection but the symptoms where still there. I was then treated for vertigo. But the dripping sensation is still there . I’m imagining assorts!!! and feel my GP is just not listening to me.
      So glad I came across this post as I thought I was the only one !!!!!

  32. Debra

    Hello, I have had an “internal” “something” travelling feeling for 15 years, mentioning to primary and derm. Along parasympathetic. Nine months ago I started minocyclin (for skin), and everything that could burst out did.During those 15 years, there were signs of “drainage” of something down at lower cheek/chin..something “heavy” and sometimes producing dried “stuff”. Simultaneously, there was a “lesion” top of left head (all say cyst or lipoma…do those pulse or leak?).. 3 months after mino, “something” burst left cheek..as if I had acne (never had); after subsiding, there was a big hole, with a big “marble” below it. Plastics tidied it up, and said I’d be fine. There was a secondary “explosion (the marble?)” and awful grisly stuff (inflammed hair follicles) wanting out. No dr. listened to me when I said I knew top of head and cheek related. see, feel, etc. drainage lines from top, to cheek. Cheek is a big drainage hole. Lots of inflammation, and many drainage lines. I heard “I don’t see any lines”. It is now really bad, and I can delineate all the lines, and feel the top activate to drain into them. and where they want to go. And they are angry with inflammation.Cheek inflammation must have been very deep, but I feel as if it is trying to come “up”. No infection.
    Question is:
    does this sound like CSF? Just posed this to derm and plastics, no answer yet. (Derm’s last reponse to me was about my stress level…yah, my head is leaking into my face because of stress…….)
    WHAT can go down inside, and burst outside?
    Seen by Ent (3X), neuro, etc. Whose next? No MRI yet.
    Do I go to the ER to get someone to listen to me?
    Is it stress (with physical output)? I do have outlets to relieve stress.Also do lymphatic drainage.
    p.s. I’m just now 72, and never been a worrier or hypochrondriac.

    • Mark ukwuoma

      All these are a result of severe inflammation of may the mucus membrane lining your skull, do a scan also for bacteria biofilm of ur skull

  33. Angel

    I am going through this myself, I am really scared I get cold sensation on my forehead and right when I’m trying to sleep I feel like my body is going to get peralized or something and I wake myself up cause of feel I will never wake up can anyone please tell me if any of you are going through this I have been to the ER and had a CT scan an nothing was found thank god my doctors say it’s my anxiety but I’m doing every thing as possible to take care of my body like meditating, exercise, and even yoga I recently got my CBC every thing is fine except my iron deficiency I do have scoliosis don’t know if that has anything to do with it me neck twitches and the right side of my neck feels tight almost all the time I’m really scared to sleep sometimes please someone explain what’s happening and how to treat it

  34. Pam

    Gosh, I want to help all of you with my experience. I’m finally healing that exact dripping terrible problem. it is indeed a substance that those’ tests” do not pick up. I have the formula. That could be helpful for you. My experience was s sushi parasite horror but my formula helped that dripping thing from before. May not be a parasite for any of you but the formula helped my body finally metabolize the dripping. Thank God. Listen to your gut.com. her Parasite cleanse simple formula. She is a pharmacist that actually wants to help heal people with solutions unlike the doctor system. My favorite ingredient for this has been sulfur (msm) and colloidal silver. ( It’s also DMSO, wild oregano oil & potassium iodide. It kills everything.) Listen to your gut.com. she’s my idol

    • Wow. I’ve done several parasite cleanses in the past (my fave so far is by Markus Rothkranz–The Healthy Life) but never thought to consider connecting the dots with those scary water brain sensations. There’s still quite a bit of research out there that connects stress as well. Definitely gives another angle to consider if it happens again. Thanks so much for sharing. Wishing you all the best. ~A

    • Carla

      Hello Pam! Thank you for offering these solutions! I couldn’t locate the female pharmacist on yourgut.com to learn the exact protocol. In fact, nothing was at that link. I would love to follow the exact protocol you did/are doing. Is there a way to know which products and amounts to follow that worked for you? Thank you so much!

  35. Nadia

    Hi there! So happy to have found this post. The head dripping sensation is only part of the equation for me, there’s so many other things going on along with it. Everything started back in September so it’s been 4 months now. It all started with this weird sensation in my head, head pressure and like I was dizzy and just sort of feeling disoriented, and it would come and go. I went to emergency and they gave me migraine medication but at the time it was not painful just pressure. They sent me home and the pressure got worse, and so did the disorientation. I immediately went into panic mode and over the course of the next few weeks developed visual symptoms, tremors, tinnitus , and headaches. Now I have headaches, terrible brain fog, tinnitus, head pressure, dizziness,blurry/shakey vision, and that wet feeling at the top of my head from time to time. I’ve had CT scans, lumbar punctures, MRI, blood work, and everything is normal. I’m seeing a naturopathic doctor to try to fix any imbalances and trying to work on stress and anxiety. The doctors seem to think it’s just Stress and Anxiety related, but my symptoms are real and they I’m ruining my life. Just wish I had answers, I’m terrified wondering if something really bad is going to happen or if I’ll have to live like this forever. They have everything they mention is migraines but I’ve had migraines before in this doesn’t feel like that. Anyway that’s my story oh, and I’m just so happy to have a place to tell it. Hopefully someone can relate. I also want to say that I am so very happy that you are feeling much better, sending love and light your way.

    • Tori

      Hi Nadia,
      Back in April 2020 I had a severe headache in which I had to go to the ER for. They gave me meds for it and that helped with the pain, but this cold wet dripping sensation followed. For 2 weeks it got worst and I had to go to the ER again. They took a CT scan and an MRI and found nothing. The doctors said I was just anxious and stressed. I was convinced that the doctors misdiagnosed me. As the weeks progressed the symptoms got worse. I got pounding headaches, extremely blurry vision, trouble breathing , depressed, restless legs, “phantom smells” (smells that weren’t really there like smoked meat) and when I stood up I felt as though I was going to faint . One day I broke down and called my doctor in panic. I told him my concerns of having MS as I had seen other ppl with the same symptoms diagnosed with this. He said “ if you had something, we would have detected it. MS would be diagnosed if these symptoms progressed over a long period of time”. As soon as he said this I was able to calm down and the dripping sensation stopped instantly. I realized that it was indeed my anxiety. I started going out for walks, spending time with my family, speaking to my friends, going to bed earlier etc. Anything to keep my mind off thinking about that sensations since I noticed that the sensation only came when I focused on it. Fast forward now, I still have the feeling but only for a couple of seconds or when I go to bed too late. I suggest just making sure that you remain relaxed and healthy both physically and mentally. Hope this helps!

    • Carla

      I ask everyone (especially Nadia, because our symptoms are exactly the same) but everyone…..has this resolved and how? I had all this for 2 months, then it travelled to the rest of my body, and I have difficulty standing and walking for over 2 1/2 years and counting. Would you like to talk on the phone? I’m open to giving my number. My name is Carla. Thank you so much!

    • Christina

      Reading this was like reading my mind. I have had the same exact symtoms as u for almost a year off and in. I’m getting a 2nd MRI this week bc I have now really bad tremors in my legs and hands. How are u feeling now?

  36. Andre REN

    I have this dripping sensation like going down my temples into my cheeks and going down my body sometimes I get chest pin and headaches w it got a cat scan they said nothing was wrong with me but just like some one else mentioned I have issuies going to sleep aswell but it’s wierd I was smoking pot when I was like 22 w my friends and then that was the first time it happend and then stopped for years and has came back now just turned 30 so many trips to the Er and then telling me I’m fine I’m waiting on a neurologist I will be seeing him in 2 days but it’s crazy I start telling
    Myself like what if I’m dying and stuff and idk it’s scary to feel like you have a head leak or some thing but has anyone else got that dripping leaking sensation around the temple area going down? Thanks again could it be parasites aswell?

  37. Diana

    Hi everyone,
    I’m happy to have found this page and read stories similar to mine. I’m a 41 year old female, no prior health conditions. In mid December 2020 I started getting daily headaches, very pressure like at the front of the head. It happened every day and after 2 weeks or so I called the doctor, convinced it was a sinus infection. I did have a runny nose at the time, but no other symptoms. Doctor diagnosed me with a tension/sinus headache, said it likely wasn’t an infection. She prescribed Naproxen and a nasal spray. Over time the headaches subsided but then THIS symptom started, which we are all describing. The only way to describe what I’m going through is to say my forehead feels frozen. It feels like I’ve been outside without a hat on or I’ e been inside the house with an ice pack on my head. It does not feel cool to the touch though and I’m not cold. It goes right down to the tops of my cheeks at time too. I wouldn’t even call it tingling/numbness. It just feels cold and wet. Sometimes I feel dripping down my hairline but of course I go to wipe it, and its completely dry. I still get headaches, but now they dont even bother me as much as this!! It’s constant, usually from the time I wake up or a few minutes later. I wear a hat in the house because I find I pay attention to it less. I apply a warm compress several times a day. I’ve been back to my family doctor who isn’t sure whats going on, but says it could be nerve related. I’ve done lots of blood work in case it was due to thyroid, B12 etc and that was normal. My iron is on the low end but she didn’t recommend supplements, just iron rich foods. She called me in for a neuro exam and noticed that one pupil was smaller and not reacting to light the same as the other one but its not a significant difference. I’ve had an eye exam recently and my eye doctor has referred me to a neuro opthalmologist. No idea if any of this is connected, but I’m willing to investigate it all. I am waiting for an MRI appt but here in Canada, unless its an emergency, the wait is long…could be months. I’m exhausted all the time but I also know I don’t get enough sleep, usually 6 hours a night and its been this way for a long time. I would say I’m an anxious person, but I’ve been like this for a long time and I don’t feel stressed, or any more stressed than usual. I have no idea whats going on, but I’m tired of it. I will try to get more sleep and dedicate more time to relaxation/yoga/meditation. If I get any answers back, I’ll make sure to post.
    Thanks for starting this conversation!

  38. Liz

    That sensation of wetness is called dysesthesia. A really well informed psychiatrist who also specialised in neurology described this condition to me. Essentially it an altered state where your nerves are misfiring and wrong signals are sent to your brain. There are a number of causes for it. Certainly prolonged stress and trauma can damage the nervous system. The best treatment for it is amniotrypaline which calms the nerves and also raises serotonin. It does take a little time to work. Meditation, mindfulness,good sleep exercise and distracting activities also help. CAT scans, MRI,s will not reveal anything according to this experienced psychiatrist who has treated many people with this condition. But as he told me it does go away. Relaxing your mind can help depart faster

  39. Cosmas

    I have the same sensation of right now.
    Question I have is does it affect your memory cause I can’t concentrate on anything especially reading

  40. Raffy

    thank you so much for this. Hoping to have more updates from everyone on how you wer able to make it go away for some time because it is scary. Stay safe

  41. hadassah

    I’m only 17 I didn’t think stress could really affect me. But I guess it has, I have been having this feeling for 2 months, it started after my exams I passed them but I don’t know why I still feel this way. I’m happy to know I’m not alone, and that I’m not insane. No one really believes me when I explain how I feel but knowing I’m not alone has helped.thank you

    • E

      Hi. The same thing happened to me after my exams. I’ve had it for four months now and I already graduated college but keep getting the weird water sensations.

  42. Whatsoever you are discussing on this platform is very breathtaking. This post is long but worthwhile to read.

    I hope mine experience helps a few as I have been helped. I have experienced this condition for almost 7 years; It started when I was in college at 18. For all these years, I have being trying to figure out what this is since none around me had a fu***ng clue of what I felt. The conclusion I got was it was something psychological but not specifically what.

    A brief history of how I think it started: Raised in a Christian home, I really got used to fasting frequently, but not figuring out the bad side of it’s frequency. Whenever, I break my fast, I really did not pay attention to my diet. One time, a close friend of mine once said, “Dude, sometimes you looked pale, from all your fasting exercises” Later on I figured out it’s lack of certain foods in my body. So I quit fasting all together and ATE.(They haven’t stopped anyway) Right now, I believe I have connected the dots on this platform- Lack of enough Vitamins in the body (B1). I think I should take some supplements.

    This “cold-wet-ice-on-your-head”feeling really had me bust in very uncharacteristic behavior. It Removes your focus, can’t read, even watch a movie. It’s very hellish but most irritatingly, you CAN’T CONTROL It. It comes when you don’t prepare for it. Sometimes, I would be at my work place then it comes, I really have to choose my words carefully and make sure i don’t burst in anger tantrums. It’s very annoying. Most times like a Heavy-Cold-Wet feeling sometimes dry lingering on the scalp of your head. It used to come and go unannounced.

    So I ventured to study if this feeling maybe comes under SPECIFIC CONDITIONS. I found some connections though: Here are they:

    a) Whenever I don’t finish something, a duty, a plan, an idea, it comes. Once I finish it, it stays for some minutes but leaves.

    b) whenever I watch porn. That initial day it will be fine, but the next day, it will clamp on me very intensely the WHOLE DAY. As such, I got detached to porn. Surprisingly, it worked like clockwork (on this porn case) when 00:00am reaches, it just stops immediately. Sometimes, I wake up at 11:50pm just to feel it go and it really goes at 00:00am! It’s so bizzare!

    c) When I leave my work undone, and start helping others, it just starts tingling and when I stop the work or finish it. It also stops after sometime.

    During my college years, the symptoms were too unbearable. I would detach socially, trouble with vision, cut my social relationships because almost everyone I spoke to never understood it. Some said I was destined for greatness but DAMN IT, why would I feel this Pain (for 48 hours straight somedays) as a sign?. It ate me up every single second. So whenever it happened, I would go to sleep when I wake up, it would seize. Admittedly, my anxiety levels were just too high those days coming from family and the future.

    But when a job came, I couldn’t just be sleeping it off, So I decided to go against the pain. Act as if it doesn’t exist. So whatsoever, I planned to finish in the day, I made sure I finish it, read some books, see some education videos despite feeling the sensations intensely. Surprisingly, whenever this sensation ends. the next day, it’s as if my mind has been UPDATED. I think more broadly, technically and my problem-solving skills increase. The questions and situations that had me stressed previously, suddenly solutions just drop. Sometimes when I explain terms and concepts to people they are amazed at how I understand all that stuff. Even I, myself recoil and ponder when I did learn what I have just spoken. In short, I should say I went on a PSYCHOLOGICAL CONDITIONING PATH. Now let me try the drugs.

    Although the later part is amazing but when this uncontrolled painful dry/wet feeling comes it’s very DEMORALIZING. It makes you appear as not in-charge of your own self. It still hasn’t stopped but with this platform, I have already learnt some remedies to do.

  43. Jen

    Nope no solution.. I also during my migraines feel as if someone is literally pouring from a gallon pitcher, a form of liquid icy hot..a cooling sensation in a liquid form, down inside the back of my head. Scary and creepy at the same time. Nothing wrong inside head, been through tests shows nothing wrong.

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