Oxygen Bar Escapades With My Family

For a bit of fun on Sunday (Sunday Funday :-)) we took a short drive into Downtown Winter Garden to meet up with family and grab some lunch. I’d been dying to have some good ole authentic homemade coal fired pizza and I found Michael Ali’s on Trip Advisor and just had to check it out.

The pizza and wings totally rocked! We’ll definitely be going back. Total score!!

But adding a little bonus to our experience was walking around the quaint little row of restaurants and shops (similar to an indoor farmers market) and finding an oxygen bar.

Well of course that caught my eye.

I’d done it once before in a Las Vegas nightclub but couldn’t really tell if it had worked or not at that time. It was a crazy party, I’d been drinking, and I was distracted through the entire treatment. So when I stumbled on this O2 bar at lunch, I really had to give it another go.

20171001_142207_HDRThe kiddos totally had to try it. My sister and I could NOT talk them out of it. So what started as something that caught my holistic-minded attention ended up being some family fun.

I never would have guessed our kids would have loved the O2 bar experience as much as they did!

Each session lasted 10 minutes. You could pick longer durations but we went with the shortest one so all of us could get a turn.

20171001_140600_HDRThere were various scents—essential oils—that you could choose from, each one having unique benefits. We also got to mix up the scents too…we’d spend a minute or two on one of them and then switch to another.

Not once did the kids complain about being bored for sitting there…all of them agreed it was so cool. I think mixing up the scents helped with that, but they also loved having the tubes in their noses. Lol

Oxygen Bar Benefits (they claim to help with):

• Increased Energy
• Natural Pain Relief
• Slows Aging Process
• Mental Alertness
• Better Sleep
• Overall Health
• Natural Antibiotic
• Faster Recovery
• Antioxidant

Ashley RobertsonFor us, we all noticed right away that we could breathe better and had a slight improved happy “buzz”.
I didn’t really notice anything else the rest of that day and my sleep was the same it always is this time of the month too. (I usually sleep pretty good except for during ovulation and PMS times of the month—which I’ve 100% linked my changing hormones at those times to my sleep issues and I’ll be sharing my research and personal experience about this is a new post.)

As for getting optimal results on a regular basis, research shows you would need to get these treatments more frequently. How often would vary per person and the benefits you’re seeking to achieve.

So, what do you think about oxygen bars? Have you tried it before? Did you notice any benefits? I’d really to hear from you in the comments below! ☺

Cheers to breathing some fresh O2,

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