Extreme 2-Minute Warmup & Fat Burner

This warmup is perfect if you’re pressed for time but still want to get in a quick workout.

There is no equipment needed for this, except a timer (if you want to see how long this will take you.)

**If you are not familiar with any of these exercises, click on each one under “The Breakdown” to view a demonstration of proper form and movement.**

The breakdown
– 50 Bent Knee Jumping Jacks
– 50 Squats (with no additional weight—only body weight)

It took me 2:26 to complete this warmup. My goal is to do it in 2 minutes flat next time 🙂


You can also use this as a way to burn some extra fat by doing this immediately before you eat—especially if you are having some extra calories with your meal—or straight away after you’ve finished eating. This will fire up your body’s metabolism and turn it into a food-burning-for-fuel machine. I love doing this on my cheat day before or after my last meal of that day since I’m less active at night and I really don’t want to go to sleep with those extra calories hanging out inside me.

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