Extreme Beginners Blast V. 3 (home workout)

The last two workouts in the Beginners Blast series have been a huge HIIT. 🙂 I’m so happy to know that not only are these high intensity interval training sessions helping those who are just getting started with an exercise routine, but also the fact that you are already beginning to see results. These quick and intense workouts are perfect for anyone training from home or on the road. And because they are typically super short (a lot of them being around 10-15 minutes), you are stealing back your time for all the other things you have to do that day without sacrificing your workout.

We are doing things just a little bit different in the Beginners Series V. 3. Before we can start the session, we have to buy-in to the workout. The Buy-In Challenge is 15 Competition Pushups. So let’s go ahead and get warmed up—today I did light cardio on my elliptical for 20 minutes—and then we will move straight into the Buy-In Challenge.

Buy-In Challenge Breakdown
– 15 Competition Pushups

Equipment Used
Exercise Mat
Gymboss Timer (or some way to track time)

It took me 41 seconds to complete 15 Beginner Variation Competition Pushups 🙂

Now, we should be really warmed up and ready to start the Beginners Blast V. 3. The additional equipment we will need is just two water jugs.

Let’s reset our timers and get moving with Round One.

That was really intense! We will now take a one-minute break, grab some water, then hit replay and do one more round.

The Breakdown
– 20 Bent Knee Jumping Jack
– 10 Water Jug Punches
– 10 Water Jug Uppercuts
– 20 Hop Squats
– 15 Knee Pushups
– 10 Water Jug Bi Curl
– 10 Water Jug Shoulder Raise
– 20 Water Jug Crunch

I completed Round One In: 5:57. And Round Two In: 5:54

What’d ya think about this workout? Did you get a good sweat like I did?

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