Extreme Beginners Blast V. 4 (home workout)

Hey there! It’s a great day to get in a great workout! Only minimal equipment was used with this one, and as with most of the exercises on here, it’s important to keep up the pace and be mindful of your form. Are you ready to rock this?!

Equipment needed for this workout:
— A step for the calf steps
— A Bench or Chair
— Light weight Powerblock or Water Jug
Exercise Mat

Optional Equipment:
Gymboss Timer
Training Gloves

**If you are not familiar with any of these exercises, scroll to bottom of page and click on each one under “The Breakdown” to view a demonstration of proper form and movement.**

I strongly encourage a good warmup a minimum of 5-minutes before doing this workout. On this day, I did a 20 minute cardio session on my elliptical machine. No stretching until after completing the workout.

Now…let’s get working out together!

The Breakdown
— 15 Half Burpee + Squat Hop
— 15 Calf Steps
— 15 Clean & Press
— 15 Tri Dips (using a bench or chair)
— 15 Scissor Pushups
— 15 Stiff Legged Dead Lift (using light weight or water jug)
— 15 Steering Wheels
— 15 Lovebends (right side)
— 15 Lovebends (left side)
— 15 Bicycle Crunch

 I completed Round One in: 8:28, and smoked my time in Round Two in: 7:58

What’d ya think about this workout? Did you get a good sweat like I did?

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