Extreme Beginners Blast V. 5 (home workout)

Hello my friend 🙂 Since taking the part-time gig doing personal training (in-person) at a nearby community fitness center, I’ve been connecting with a lot of people who are either brand new to working out, or it’s been a really long time since they had.

So, I’ve been putting together some new beginner combos and routines that are high intensity and don’t take up that much time. My favorite kinda workout, right?

Ashley Robertson

I’ve shared a lot about why I love my progressive weight training style workouts. They’re huge time savers, yet their super-fast pace equals more fat burn and toned muscles in less time. Plus you can do them with minimal equipment or just your body weight…and you can do them just about anywhere.

I personally do a majority of my training from home. But these are great for when I travel too. 🙂

Do your best to move as fast as you can—without sacrificing proper form. Since this is a beginner workout, take breaks as you need them, but try your best to keep up with me. Minimal rest is how this style of training gives you the best results.

Opt for an easier weight that you can get all the reps in, but is still a good challenge overall. Don’t use something too light, you want to be challenged! If you don’t have dumbbells or a kettlebell, then try using a gallon water jug like I do in this workout.

“Your body will be around a lot longer than that expensive handbag. Invest in yourself.”

If you don’t have any equipment yet, then consider slowly adding in a few pieces when you can and subbing water jugs, soccer/basket balls, etc.

For this workout I used 15# dumbbell, a TKO Swiss ball, Pullup Bar, and exercise mat.

Don’t forget to warmup before you train! CLICK HERE for a sample warmup!

4 Rounds Advanced | 3 Rounds Intermediate | 1-2 Rounds Beginner

— 8-10 Superman + Beginner Pushup Combo
— 15 Hip Thrusts + abductors *Use swiss ball for extra challenge.
— 15/15 Side Hip Raises (with dumbbell or just body weight)
— 10 Swings (I use DB)
— 5 Swiss Ball Pass
— 10 Overhead Situp + Press combo (I used DB)
— 5/5 Back Lunge Pass Unders + Heel Raise (tippy toe) Combo
— 3 Assisted Pullups (sub machine lateral pull downs for another easier option)

Cooldown & stretch. CLICK HERE for a sample stretch routine.

I hope you enjoy the workout today! Until next time…

(Big Hug)

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