Extreme Body Weight Workout

Hey there Rockstar!

This workout is a perfect bodyweight circuit that you can do from anywhere!

I also used an exercise mat. It’s a fairly quick routine that you can get through in a jiffy and then get on with the rest of your day. Good luck!

**If you are not familiar with any of these exercises, click on each one under “The Breakdown” to view a demonstration of proper form and movement.**

Be sure you warm up before you train. Click here for an Easy and Quick Warmup Routine.

The Breakdown:
10 Surfers (180 degree jump squats)
10 Double knee raise/double scissor jump — 5 on each side
10 Jumping Jack Pushups
10 Toe Touch
10 Crunches
10 Bicycles
10 Shoulder Press Pushups

My time for the first round was: 3:50
My time for the second round was: 4:14
My time for the third round was: 3:07

Click here for a Sample cooldown/stretch routine.

What was your times for each round? How’d you like this workout?

2241PS: If you struggle with energy and focus during the day, then it could be adrenal fatigue (like it was for me). Adding in a good quality B Complex did the trick and now I have laser focus and awesome natural energy. And no, it doesn’t effect me getting a good night’s sleep at all. So double score!


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