Extreme Circuit Training (home workout)

This is an amazing high intensity circuit training workout that will surely get the blood pumping in your veins and the fat melting away from your body.

The equipment you will need is:
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TKO ball

**If you are not familiar with any of these exercises, click on each one under “The Breakdown” to view a demonstration of proper form and movement.**

The Breakdown:
10 Powerblock Squats (I use 20lb in each hand)
10 Bench Press (20 lbs)
10 Skull Crushers (18lb)
10 Bench Steps – right leg, no weight
10 Bench Steps – left leg, no weight
10 TKO Ball Crunch (using one 20lb dumbbell)
10 Love Bends right side (20lb)
10 Love Bends left side (20 lb)

I completed round one in: 4:49
I completed round two in: 4:58
I completed round three in: 5:13

This was a killer for me and I hope it kicked your ass too! 😉

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