Extreme Girl On Fire (home workout)

Don’t let the name of this workout fool you. This is NOT a girlie workout in any way. I promise it will kick your bootie and your muscles will be on fire by the time you finish. There are two rounds to complete this workout and we’re timing each one, taking a short break (no more than 1-minute) between them.

The Equipment Used In The Video:
Exercise Mat
Ugi Ball (or you can use any cushioned weighted ball)
Dip Station
– A short step for the Calf Steps
Gymboss Timer (or some other way to track time)

**If you are not familiar with any of these exercises, scroll to bottom of page and click on each one under “The Breakdown” to view a demonstration of proper form and movement.**

I strongly encourage a good warmup before doing this workout. Today, I did a 10-minute cardio session on my elliptical machine. No stretching until after completing the workout.

This workout may be a little longer than my other ones featured on this site, but if you push really hard it will still be less than 20 minutes (not counting the warmup). If you’re really pressed for time, here’s my 2-minute warmup and fat burner that I highly recommend you doing before the workout. Let’s get moving…now!

Ohmygoodness, that was awesome! Now I’m gonna take that quick break and grab some water, then hit replay and complete one more round. Push as hard as you can to finish both rounds. If you need to switch over to just using your body weight, then do it. Whatever it takes to complete it :-). If your Beast Mode switch is turned on, then go ahead and do a 3rd round. Or throw in a 20-minute Cardio Session.

The Breakdown
– 10 Dive Bomb Pushups
– 10 Side Crunches (right side)
– 10 Side Crunches (left side)
– 10 Ugi Ball Pass
– 10 Back Kicks (right)
– 10 Back Kicks (left)
– 10 Elevated Hip Thrusts (right)
– 10 Elevated Hip Thrusts (left)
– 10 Overhead Tri-Raises
– 10 Pushups
– 10 Powerblock Sumo Squats (30lbs)
– 10 Ass-to-Floor Squats
– 20 Calf Steps
– 10 Shoulder Raises
– 10 Reverse Pushups (using Dip Station) *Substitute Reverse Back Fliesor TKO Rowes if you don’t have your Dip Station yet
– 10 Leg Lifts

I completed Round One in: 8:25
And did a little better with Round Two at: 8:01

What did you think of this workout? Did it fire up your muscles and get your body pumping? 🙂

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