Extreme Lower Body Carver (home workout)

So now we’ve worked our upper bodies in the Upper Body Shaper, and it’s time to balance it out and target our lower half. If you’ve been following me since day 1, you know most of my workouts on this site are full-body HIIT (high intensity interval training) combined with the amazing benefits of weights. But then you also know I’m a big believer in tricking the body and every once in a while I will throw it a serious curve ball. That’s where these isolated body part workouts come in pretty darn handy. With that in mind, it’s rare that I repeat the same workout regimen more than twice in a single given week. Remember I’ve been training for a while now (like way over a decade), so if you’re a beginner and new to exercise—or even these types of circuit-style workouts—then I definitely want you to practice the same workout many times throughout the week. By doing this, it will strengthen and tighten the core muscle groups we’re targeting, making you stronger, more agile, faster, and the best part: more confident! Inches will begin to melt away and over time our bodies will transform into the figures we always dreamed of having, but before now, it had always seemed just out of reach.

I promise you if you stick with these workouts (and a clean eating lifestyle) you will achieve all of your weightless, body re-shaping goals.

Now, let’s do some light cardio and get warmed up. Before this workout, I took my english bulldog, Gage, for a walk around my neighborhood for about 15 minutes.

The Equipment Needed is:
Incline Bench
— A Step
Gymboss Timer (or some way to track time)
Exercise Mat

**Optional Equipment Used in this Vlog:
Training Gloves
Ugi Ball (8 LBS)

There is a total of 2 rounds to complete and we will time each one separately.

OKay, now we’re warmed up, got our equipment together (or got crafty and substituted some things) and now it’s time to get pumping through Round One.

Wowzas! That totally smoked my lower body. I’m taking this well-deserved one-minute break, then getting right back at it with Round Two!

The Breakdown
— 15 Scissor Jump Knee Raises
— 10 Powerblock Bench Steps (left leg)
— 10 Powerblock Bench Steps (right leg)
— 15 Side Kicks (left)
— 15 Side Kicks (right)
— 15 Powerblock Squats
— 15 Calf Steps (left)
— 15 Calf Steps (right)
— 10 Bench Pistols (left)
— 10 Bench Pistols (right)
*New Exercise — 15 Reverse Hyper Extensions
— 15 Leg Lifts ( I used my alb Ugi Ball)

I completed Round One in: 8:17, and a did it a little faster in Round Two at: 8 minutes even.

How’d you do?

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I always try to view my health as an investment, not an expense.


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