Extreme Superset Workout

This workout is perfect for anyone ready to take their training to the next level. It isn’t easy…actually it’s grueling, but I promise you if you push through it, the most amazing feeling will be waiting for you at the end. That and a whole lot of sweat…which hey, isn’t that what we want? To sweat away all those extra calories. 😉

The only equipment needed for this workout is:
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Exercise mat

**If you are not familiar with any of these exercises, click on each one under “The Breakdown” to view a demonstration of proper form and movement.**

This is Round One, and for me, it was the hardest part of this superset circuit.

The Breakdown
– 10 Pistol (one-leg) Squats — 5 on each side
– 10 Dive Bomb Pushups
** Repeat this superset 3 times as fast as you can**
I completed it in: 4:28

Take a one minute break and grab some water. Then, move straight into Round Two.

The Breakdown
– 10 Dumbbell Squats
– 10 Pushups
**Repeat this superset 3 times as fast as you can**
I completed it in: 2:50

Whew, we did it…and I know you’re tired because I really was too. Push through the fatigue and let’s knock out Round Three! (I have no idea why this video came out fuzzy, sorry)

The Breakdown
– 10 Crunches
– 10 Leg Lifts
**Repeat this superset 3 times as fast as you can**
I completed it in: 2:20

Now I’m going to enjoy the rest of my day (and drink a lot of water). 🙂
I’d love to hear what you thought of this workout and how fast were your times for each round?

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