Exercise Tips For Detoxing & Every Day Living

Keep Your Body Moving—It’s A Critical Part Of Your Healthy Lifestyle!

Exercise is unarguably a ‘primary food’ that fuels your body. I learned all about primary foods in nutrition school…it was totally eye-opening and helped me to be a WAY BETTER healthy lifestyle mentor. 🙂

You see, nutrition and exercise are important, but so is choosing to be happy, loving what you do (whether it’s a career you love or something about what you’re accomplishing that lights that inner fire), feeling comfortable with your spirituality (a very touchy one for so many of us…not good!), surrounding yourself with positive and inspiring people (not the negative, soul-sucking, drama-seeking ones!), and…

…finding ways to stay physically active (the whole point behind this post).

Not only does exercise have health and weight benefits, but it also releases endorphins that can make you feel happy (who wouldn’t want that?!). There’s no right or wrong exercise here.

I love the saying, “The best exercise is the one you do.” So just do something! Another quote I love is, “The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do!”

When doing a detox, cleanse, or body purification, you’ll want to take it easy and don’t go engaging in any strenuous physical activity—even if you are used to it. However, it’s still critical to move your body—as that helps release toxins—so Instead, participate in yoga or stretching, mindful breathing, walking, light cardio and cycling, or beginner pilates.

After about 5 days to the end of that first week, it’s time to increase the intensity! Experiment with various regimens to see what works best for your body, lifestyle, and goals. Maybe you need a class setting with other people, maybe you’re hardcore and would love crossfit, maybe you prefer running and would like to train for a 5k, and maybe a slower pace of pilates and yoga are more your thing. Once you decide what works for you now, it’s ok to change your mind in a few weeks or a few months and do something else. Have fun with it and get moving now!

What are some ways you move your body? I’d love to hear from you!

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