Getting Through Detox Symptoms (Yeast Die Off) Naturally

Symptoms of purifying, cleansing, and detoxing can feel great OR feel like you are getting sick: congestion, mucous, fatigue, headaches. But these are just signs that your body is getting rid of dangerous toxins the quickest and easiest ways possible. If you support your body’s cleansing, you’ll emerge stronger, healthier, and with more energy!

When you first start detoxing, your body will begin to rid itself of toxins. Not everyone experiences the same side effects. Although some or all of these side effects can be quite bothersome to some people, you just have to remember this is only for a couple or few days and then they will subside. It’s only due to your detox. Your body will be free of toxins for doing this wonderful cleanse for your body. You really just have to keep reminding yourself of that. If you look at it that way, it will get you through it easier.

Possible Detox Symptoms

1. Your body is going to go through a stage while purifying where you will feel a burst of fatigue. You’re probably thinking that’s why you are doing this course in the first place! However, as your body detoxes, it’s important to take it easy and get as much rest as you can. That’s why the first half of the course (days 1-5) only light exercise is recommended since that is a way to help flush those nasty toxins.

2. Headaches are one of the most common side effects when purifying your body. Removing gluten, sugar, dairy, starches, caffeine, and alcohol can be very similar to a drug addict quitting his or her addiction…and withdraw (aka detox) symptoms are possible. Suffering from withdraw headaches may be a little frustrating but the good news is you’ll soon be feeling incredible—so insanely amazing, people may start to wonder why you act so ‘crazy’ all the time. Hey, it’s totally ‘crazy’ in the most awesome way because you feel SO FREAKING GOOD!

3. Of course, with increasing your water consumption you’re going to notice an increase in urination. Not to mention, you’ll also notice this common side effect because your body is disposing of the horrible toxins that were once in your body. The main ways to release these nasty toxins are from sweating, peeing, pooping—even breathing releases them. So while it may be annoying to pee a little more than you’re used to, just remind yourself that each time you go use the bathroom, you have less toxins in your body.

4. Diarrhea or constipation are symptoms that sometimes go along with purifying your body. Diarrhea is just your body’s natural way of disposing those unnecessary toxins that were once in your body. And trust me, it’s a very good thing to get those out of you! Sure, it can be a bit of a hassle at first, but hang in there…I promise it won’t last. And if you find yourself feeling backed up instead of going, then increasing your magnesium is a natural way to get things ‘moving’ again.

5. Unfortunately, nausea can be another side effect resulting from a detox and or cleanse. The reason you could feel this side effect is from withdrawal so it’s nothing to be worried about if you find yourself experiencing it.

6. Other reported side effects of detox include:

• Itching
• Unusually colored urine
• Indigestion / heartburn
• Food tastes different
• Feeling hot
• Feeling thirsty
• Skin irritations

It’s also critical to be aware that you could experience some emotional symptoms. I love the way Dr. Mark Hyman addresses this in his book. Detoxing can be an emotional journey—most noticeable a few days into it. This is when things shift at deeper levels and feeling these strong waves of emotions can catch you off-guard.

I know it surely did for me. Like with all my programs, I get started a few days early so I can ease into things. About the 4th and 5th day of my last course got super hard emotionally. I hadn’t experienced anything that emotional while detoxing before and I’m pretty good at acknowledging my feelings and shifting them back to the positive side, but this time was different—the struggle with my feelings was SO REAL.

Instead of eating and drinking your feelings—you’re feeling your feelings.

Whether this is your first or fifth detox, it’s important to recognize this and work through it. Not all detoxes are the same, and you can experience something different each time you do it. Remember, prior to starting we were masking our feelings with sugar, processed food, caffeine, and alcohol. To truly heal, this is a necessary step—and it’s important to be aware of it.

Good news is that you will also experience POSITIVE FEELINGS. More energy, pants fitting looser, sleeping better, no more brain fog, etc. YAY. So hang in there!

Bottom line is that it’s critical to focus on what’s happening internally WITHOUT trying to fix it, control it, or even become attached to it. Simply being aware and observing is a powerful skill to learn. Feelings change—oftentimes without us having to do anything at all.

Mindful breathing practices and taking time to evaluate your goals and affirmations are a couple of the BEST ways to check in with yourself. You totally got this—I’m here if you need me. ☺

Not everyone experiences “die off” or detox symptoms, however, many people who consume large amounts of sugar and/or gluten have been shown to experience some form of them.

A couple tips to ease you into a Detox.

If you’re like me, then you should consider easing into the detox week by reducing a few things from your diet now—or at least a few days before you start—and transitioning into the program that way. For example: if all—or most—of your meals are processed and/or have lots of sugar (hidden sugars count!) then clean up one of those meals. Use the approved list to guide you with this. Gradually work in your other meals and set yourself up for following the program 100% when you start it.

Another idea would be if you drink caffeine every day. Since you can experience withdraw from stopping this too sudden, I’d suggest cutting your caffeine intake by half and slowly work to lessen it by your start date. The first few days could be uncomfortable, and your body may experience some detox symptoms. Remember, gluten, sugar, dairy, caffeine, and alcohol all have addictive properties, so when removing them from your diet it can be very much like a drug addict quitting the drug for some, while others may not experience anything at all.

*Please be mindful I’m simply sharing my personal experience along with some of the information I found helpful or insightful, so you can continue to do your own research alongside your health care practitioner. I don’t ever advocate relying on someone’s blog to make major medical decisions.*

Tips For Getting Through The Detox

• Do your best to follow the low glycemic nutrition plan—No alcohol, caffeine, grains, gluten, or starches of any kind

• No soda, no diet soda, or other sweetened beverages

No sugar (other than those found naturally in fruits, vegetables, and plants) or artificial sweeteners

• Must drink Water (minimum of 8 cups per day) Other beverages do not count! Think Hydrate X 8!

• First thing every morning, drink the juice of 1/2 a lemon in a cup of warm water.

• Take Recommended Supplementation (optional, but encouraged for optimal results)

• Do not engage in strenuous physical activity, even if you are used to it. Instead, participate in yoga or gentle stretching, take easy-paced walks, or beginner pilates.

• Get plenty of rest and sleep. You may feel more tired than usual the first few days of the detox. By the end of the week, you should feel energized.

• Use spices and herbs, small amounts of tamari (or gluten-free soy sauce), coconut aminos, salt, pepper, vinegar, organic broths, organic miso paste, and mustard. I love gmo-free, organic miso paste for making soups packed with veggies (land and sea)

• Choose raw, or lightly steamed vegetables

• This is a great time to meditate, listen to relaxing music, and engage in other stress reduction activities.

• Think about the commitment you are making to yourself, what you stand to gain and how much better you will feel.

If you are having severe Die-Off symptoms, slow down your treatment and reduce your dosage of probiotics and antifungals. The liver is your main pathway for eliminating toxins, and the Die-Off symptoms mean that it is being overwhelmed with the toxic by-products produced by the dying yeast organisms. A good quality liver supplement like NOW Liver Detoxifier and Regenerator can help boost and rejuvenate your liver and for more liver and body health, I also Love Nature Wise Curcumin.

Cleansing the body from a yeast overgrowth takes time, and is not pleasant. But left un-addressed, the candida can cause much more harm. Scientific research and new publications of clinical studies are finally showing that regulating this overgrowth has reversed—and even cured—many Gastrointestinal Diseases. 

To help make balancing your Candida Yeast Overgrowth more tolerable:

Increase water intake to flush out the toxins faster: If you want to feel better, all those byproducts that are released by the Candida yeast—fungus—need to leave your body. You can give them a push by drinking more water!

Eliminate Refined Sugar & Processed Foods: These types of foods actually feed the yeast and that’s not what you want when you’re trying to reduce your detox symptoms. If you can’t completely eliminate these, then do your very best to reduce how much of them you have. Increasing your probiotics, antifungals, and enzymes (all found in our ProBio5 that I’ll get to shortly) can help offset your starch and sugar indulgences, but it’s important to eat as many of the right foods as possible. I know dietary changes can be hard, so instead of focusing on what you shouldn’t have on your plate, try adding veggies to all of your meals. Sneak them in your smoothies. Juice them. Throw a handful of leafy greens on the side of your favorite dish.

Slow down and rest as much as possible: Stress can weaken your adrenals and reduce your body’s ability to fight pathogens like a fungal infection. Relaxing and taking some personal time will help your immune system to do what it was designed to do.Be aware that yeast die-off reactions are a sign that your yeast treatment is succeeding because it is an indication that yeast cells are dying, usually in large numbers. However, it is also an indicator of your body’s toxic overload, often indicating more poisons are being released than the body can adequately cope with at one time. In most cases, yeast die-off is a sign that the system’s eliminatory pathways (intestinal tract) are overburdened or as oftentimes happens, blocked, as in constipation and liver stress. Adding a magnesium supplement is so important as it will aid the digestive tract (intestines) in more effectively and promptly eliminating waste. If increasing this dosage becomes too intense, then back off to a lower dose.

Use natural supplements to your advantage: It’s no secret that good quality probiotics, prebiotic fiber, antifungals, and magnesium are essential DAILY staples to regulating Candida Overgrowth and keeping it balanced throughout your life. Yes, that means you should be taking these consistently—every single day.


Probiotics are the good bacteria that line your gut. They help with digestion and prevent infections from spreading, thus strengthening your immune system. Supplementing good quality probiotics to replenish them in your gut will help to reverse your candida overgrowth.

My Top Probiotic Recommendations Right Now Are:

— Sunbiotics

Garden of Life

— Bio Schwartz

— Trust Your Gut

— Trace Minerals Greens Pak


Prebiotics and probiotics are completely different things. You need a probiotic to help replenish the healthy bacteria in your gut and pre-biotics are like the miracle grow for that healthy bacteria. So what exactly is Prebiotic Fiber? It’s basically the food that Probiotics (aka good bacteria) eat. It is indigestible fibers that are in certain foods and supplements. When Prebiotic fiber is in the system, it makes the environment more conducive for Probiotics to flourish. Feeding them is necessary for a healthy micro biome. Any one who isn’t getting enough healthy fiber in their diet should consider supplementing prebiotic fiber.

— Body Force

Prebiotic Fiber


Enzymes help break down the walls of the candida cells. Antifungals can then enter and attack/kill the yeast-turned-fungus overgrowth. Natural antifungals work best because they have fewer side effects than prescription drugs. Here are a few examples:

  • Caprylic Acid
  • Oregano Oil
  • Grape Seed Seed Extract
  • Turmeric
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger

Magnesium is an essential mineral that oftentimes needs to be supplemented—even if you’re taking a multivitamin. It alkalizes the body, helps with hydration (it’s an essential electrolyte!), relaxes the nervous system and improves sleep, and aids your probiotic and enzymes with gut health, relieving constipation and moving those nasty toxins get out of your body. There are many other benefits and I encourage you to check them out, from heart health to healthier bones.

Natural Calm (love drinking this an hour or so before bed!)
Dead Sea Magnesium Spray (I use this after working out and also sometimes before bed.)

There are a few other supplements out there that could really help reduce and/or prevent “die off” aka detox symptoms. Here they are:

Vitamin D.

Vitamin D fights inflammation, enhances muscle strength, supports healthy insulin function, strengthens the immune system, promotes cancer-fighting activity in the body, and can be helpful for depression & anxiety.

— NOW Vitamin D3

— Garden of Life (plant based)


Research suggests that omega-3s support healthy lipid levels, normal cholesterol and blood pressure levels, which can help promote cardiovascular health, brain health & healthy brain development. Omega-3 fatty acids are considered essential fatty acids. Also known as polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega-3 fatty acids play a crucial role in brain function. Omega-3s also help with stress management and Aid in relaxation.

— Triple Strength Omega-3 

B Vitamins

Increases energy & helps with mental fatigue, promotes a healthy nervous system, bone marrow & intestinal tract, promotes cardiovascular health, maintains healthy levels of serotonin, thereby decreasing stress & improving mood.

— Trace Minerals Power Pak (with electrolytes)
— Isotonix B Complex

*Please be mindful I’m simply sharing my personal experience along with some of the information I found helpful or insightful, so you can continue to do your own research alongside your health care practitioner. I don’t ever advocate relying on someone’s blog to make major medical decisions.*

Be aware that detox (die off) reactions are a sign that your yeast treatment is succeeding because it is an indication that yeast cells are dying, usually in large numbers. However, it is also an indicator of your body’s toxic overload, often indicating more poisons are being released than the body can adequately cope with at one time.

In most cases, die-off is a sign that the system’s eliminatory pathways (intestinal tract) are overburdened or as oftentimes happens, blocked, as in constipation and liver stress. This is why taking a magnesium supplement along with your probiotic system is so important. Magnesium—a vital mineral many of us are deficient in and don’t even know it!—helps boost your immune system (remember 80% of your immune system is in your gut!), which helps balance stress and reverses constipation symptoms naturally.

Don’t forget that you need to listen to your body and change things up occasionally as needed. No regimen—including supplements—is ever set in stone. It’s ok to experiment to find the best regimen for YOU. It’s also perfectly fine to try out a supplement and then change it up with another one. It’s all about finding what works best for your unique body, lifestyle, and goals. 🙂

This is a journey—not a destination. So be mindful that you’ll always be moving forward. With that said, you might as well be working toward your goal since time is going to pass regardless. Right?

To having the healthiest gut ever!

All my love,

PS: If you need more help with getting your gut healthy then you gotta check out my Purify Your Gut in 10 Days program! Get Control of Your Candida Yeast Overgrowth In 10 Days—Without Depriving Yourself—PLUS purify your entire body naturally and effectively all at the same time.


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