Health Benefits Of Sole Water + How To Easily Make It At Home

Sole Water

Sole water is gaining popularity, even though it’s actually been around for years. It’s a combination of natural sea salt and filtered water, and it hydrates and nourishes your body naturally with electrolytes and minerals. Since discovering sole, I’ve been drinking 1/2 to 1 tsp during my workouts. Sometimes I’ll just mix it in water and other times I’ll add it in my Boost Tea. On those social party days where there’s drinking involved, I’ll double up on my Sole to ensure I’m staying hydrated.

Nowadays, there are tons of drinks and “electrolyte” supplements out there and many of them quite pricey. There are a few brands I actually love—and still use when traveling or on-the-go. But when you’re home, making your own Sole water and storing it in any convenient spot (I keep mine on the kitchen island) can come in super handy and save you lots of money.

If you’ve never made it before, don’t worry. Sole water is super easy to make and also very cost effective. Storing it is simple and you never have to worry about it going bad as the salt naturally keeps the water fresh of any dangerous bacteria.

Deep Dive Into Sole Water

Sole (pronounced SO-LAY; SOLAY) water is made from just two ingredients: salt and water. Not just any salt will work though. It has to be natural, unrefined sea salt—like Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. I’ve seen other types of natural sea salts that have been used and work well too. It’s critical that the salt has not been processed or stripped of its natural mineral content. Using regular table salt and mixing it with some water is not Sole. And it does not have any of the health benefits that authentic Sole water offers.

Sole is water fully saturated with unrefined natural salt. When himalayan salt dissolves in water, it results in a concentrated, electrically charged matrix of the 84 trace minerals in the salt. The ionic salt and trace minerals nourish each cell in your body.
~ Google Definition

Sea Salt VS Table Salt

The difference between sea salt and plain table salt is huge. Table salt is a processed form of salt that’s been completely stripped of its minerals. What’s left is small amounts of sodium and a few not-so-healthy substances.

What exactly are those not-so-healthy substances? Learning that just might make you want to ditch conventional table salt for good!

I love how Zuzka Light explains this:

“Table salt contains additives that can be harmful to your health. These are put in to to add flavor so people like you and me keep buying it. They include things like fluoride and synthetic iodine (i.e., man-made), which in large amounts negatively affect your health. Sound in the alarms for high blood pressure, chronic kidney disease, heart attack, and stroke!”

So now that you know this what should you do? For me personally, I stopped using table salt a long time ago. Sea Salt (Pink Himalayan salt is one of my faves!) has been a staple in my kitchen for years. I love cooking with it, baking with it, and now making my Sole water with it. There are a variety of great, natural sea salts out there. Here are a few I love that you can explore:

Health Benefits Of Drinking Sole Daily

It’s no secret that we’re supposed to drink water every day. And the better quality of water you consume, the better the benefits are. Regular tap water can actually be harmful…

Tap water is treated with a large number of chemicals in order to kill bacteria and other microorganisms. In addition, it may contain other undesirable contaminants like toxic metal salts, hormones and pesticides, or it may become contaminated by chemicals or microbes within pipes (e.g. lead, bacteria, protozoa).
~ Google

Filtered water and some bottled spring waters have been shown to be the best quality. So when I make my Sole, I use filtered water. There are inexpensive filter systems like Brita and PUR Advanced.

Water on it’s own is fine. But when combined with natural sea salt, it’s a supercharged way to hydrate and drink to better health. Sole contains an array of essential minerals from sea salt, nourishing your body with what it needs for optimal function.

The benefits of himalayan Sole water include:

* Detoxifies the body by balancing systemic pH
* Improves hydration by providing trace minerals
* Improves mineral status of the body
* Reduces muscle cramps by improving minerals and hydration
* Helps balance blood sugar
* Supports hormone balance for everyone, no matter what hormonal issues you face
* Helps balance blood pressure because it provides unrefined, mineral-rich salt in an ionic solution
* Improves sleep by supporting blood sugar and hormone balance
* Acts as a powerful antihistamine
* Supports weight loss by balancing hormones and improving energy
* Supports thyroid and adrenal function (Source and read more benefits!)

How I Make Sole

You only need a couple things to make (and store) your Sole water—a glass jar, wooden spoon, sea salt, filtered water, paper towel, and rubber band.

Whenever I get kimchi, kombucha, sour kraut (or anything that comes in a glass jar) I keep the jar and reuse it for other things—and this old kimchi jar worked perfectly for my Sole! You could also purchase any kind of glass jar…but no metal or plastic lids. The reason you don’t want to use metal or plastic is because it can contaminate the water. That’s also why you want to use a wooden spoon. I got my spoon (pictured above) from a lotion gift set—I cleaned and reused that same spoon for my sole. 🙂 There are also measurable wooden spoons that perhaps could be even more handy (and precise.)

Next you need the sea salt. I prefer working with “rocks” instead of the ground up salt. You can easily purchase sea salt in this form and it’s easier to gauge when more salt should be added to the jar.

For the lid, I just use a paper towel and a rubber band.

Fill the jar about 1/4 of the way with your sea salt. Then add filtered water until about 1 to 2 inches from the top. Using the wooden spoon, give it a good stir. There should still be some undissolved salt at the bottom of the jar. If it’s completely dissolved, add some more to it and stir again. Note: After a week or two, salt will start crusting the top of the jar. Eventually you may want to swap into a fresh jar.

Seal the top with the paper towel and rubber band, then let it sit overnight (or 24 hours). After the 24 hours is up, it’s ready to drink (and be mixed in drinks). Since it contains natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that naturally preserve its freshness, you can keep it on the counter indefinitely.

Sometimes I just add 1/2 – 1 tsp to my water, but other times I’ll also add it in my Boost Tea, or mix lemon, lime, or infuse cucumber with it. There’s lots of ways to drink it. And yes, if you drink it simply mixed in water you will notice a subtle salty taste (which is totally normal).

If you haven’t tried Sole yet, I hope you will. It’s fun to experiment with DIY ways to be healthy. Plus this one is super cost effective and easy to do.

To amping up your water and feeling more alive,

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