Hydrate to Lose Weight, Look Younger, & Feel Great!

It’s no secret that we’re supposed to drink water everyday day. But did you know that we should be drinking half our body weight in ounces of water? So for example, if you weigh 150 pounds, then you should be drinking 75 ounces. If that sounds overwhelming to you, start off by getting in at least one glass of water a day and slowly over time, increase it by a glass until you reach your goal. It’s ok if this takes you a few weeks, or heck a month!, the bottom line is that you’re working on this to improve your health. Hydrating your body with the proper liquids is crucial to good health and overall wellbeing.

Did You Know That Healthy Hydration Can Assist With Weight Loss AND Combat Your Body Against The Aging Process?

By staying hydrated and drinking frequently, it can help curb your hunger so that you eat less. Preventing your body from getting dehydrated will also keep your organs functioning properly and your skin will have more moisture which will help slow down the speed at which your body ages. Water also assists the body in flushing unwanted toxins, which keeps your inner systems functioning at a more optimal level.

When your body is dehydrated or deeply dehydrated (adrenal fatigue) it can’t perform all of it’s proper functions, which leads to toxic buildup, stress, constipation, and the list goes on. Your adrenals happen to be two small glands that sit on top of your kidneys, and along with your thyroid, create energy. They also secrete important hormones, including aldosterone. Aldosterone is a hormone secreted by your adrenals that regulates water levels and the concentration of minerals, like sodium, in your body, helping you stay hydrated. Your adrenals are also responsible for regulating your stress response.

Here are five signs your body could be dehydrated:

• Dry, chapped lips
• Headaches
• Dry Skin
• Achy Joints
• Fatigue

By drinking more water you will instantly feel so much better. Other benefits range from glowing skin, reduced cravings, and more energy.

When choosing water, I prefer to stick with filtered, natural spring bottled, or the “electrolyte enhanced” kind and there are several brands out there that range in pricing. Be careful drinking certain tap waters. There is chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals used to make the water drinkable, but it can also kill the healthy bacteria (probiotics) in our intestines/colon (which is the opposite of what you want) since this is where 80% of our immune system is. It’s crucial to ensure you’re either not doing things to kill off that friendly bacteria, or at least supplementing good quality probiotics, digestive enzymes, and antifungals to keep your intestines balanced.

A couple ways I like to flavor my water:

• A squeeze of lemon
• Infuse it with lemon, cucumber, or grapefruit.
• If you absolutely must have it sweetened, then organic stevia drops are your best option.

Another great way to help remove toxins from your liver is by drinking a glass of warm water with the juice of ½ lemon squeezed in it first thing in the morning.

Don’t forget to stay away from artificial sweeteners and other unnatural flavors that have chemicals.

And one last tip: club soda and sparkling water do not count. I know, I know, I love them too. You can certainly drink them, but they do not replace that plain ole water our bodies need.

How are you staying hydrated?

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