Kale Berry Smoothie

I’ve been having tons of fun experimenting with fresh smoothies and juices…and this Kale Berry Smoothie turned out so yummy! You totally gotta try it and let me know what ya think. 🙂

Kale Berry Smoothie

Serves: 2

What you need:
– 1 can of organic coconut milk, full fat
– 1 can filtered water (I use coconut milk can)
– 3 tbsp hemp seeds or collagen protein
– 1 handful strawberries
– 1 handful blueberries
– 1 Banana
– 2 handfuls chopped kale (I go heavy w it)
– 2 tbsp raw almond butter

What you do:
Throw everything in your blender and mix it. Save half for another meal. Garnish with a fresh strawberry. If you desire more sweetness, just add organic monkfruit or stevia. Enjoy!

What do you like in your smoothies?

2241PS: If you struggle with energy and focus during the day, then it could be adrenal fatigue (like it was for me). Adding in a good quality B Complex did the trick and now I have laser focus and awesome natural energy. And no, it doesn’t effect me getting a good night’s sleep at all. So double score!


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