Lose Weight & Feel Great Naturally—Without Depriving Yourself!

Want to lose weight and make some healthier dietary choices without being hungry or feeling deprived and overwhelmed?

Then you’ve gotta watch this short video I put together just for you!

I can totally help you lose weight naturally and get in the best shape of your life.

So, let’s go over a couple things you should NOT do:

1) Multiple day liquid-only cleanses.
While it’s possible these could help you lose a little weight, the reality is there’s NO scientific evidence these work the way they claim and chances are you’ll end up feeling deprived and hungry. When you do eat again, it’s highly likely that any weight you lost will be gained right back.

2) Any “diet” that promotes processed crap for food.
Sure, you could possibly lose some weight doing a diet such as this, but you’ll also be consuming a lot of chemicals, preservatives, and other toxic substances that do more harm than good to your body—and DO NOT nourish you. So it’s extremely likely you’ll not only gain the weight back but feel a lot worse than you did before you started.

Now, let’s go over a couple things you SHOULD DO:

1) Ditch the sugar!
Create a healthier “Trade Off” and establish a “Pleasure Link” with it. This is a huge step. Our life is controlled by those twin pillars—Pain and Pleasure. So creating a pleasurable trade off is critical. When a sugar craving comes on, go for whole, real, fresh fruit or swap out your processed sugar—and artificial sweeteners!—for organic monk fruit (my fave!) and organic stevia. These no-calorie, plant-based sweeteners are not toxic and don’t jack up your blood sugar. Too much insulin production makes you feel crappy and your body store fat.

2) Limit processed food!
When food gets processed, a lot of its nutrients are broken down and destroyed—not to mention all that extra “crap” they put in it to preserve it and make it taste better (and more addictive!). If you find it darn near impossible to stay away from processed foods altogether, then the 5-Ingredient Rule should come in quite handy. When looking at the label, if it has less than five ingredients you’re ok to buy it. Preferably these ingredients are familiar and pronounceable. However, if your processed item has over five ingredients and you don’t know what they are, then for the love of God, put it back on the shelf.

And if you’re wanting to try juicing out (I love juicing a couple times a week!) then simply ADD that in your weekly routine of eating yummy, whole, real, fresh food. You don’t have to do a cleanse to enjoy fresh juice.

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