The Lowdown on CBD Oil (Can It Help You?)

I love remedies that are more natural and holistic, and CBD Oil is rapidly gaining popularity for this reason. This oil—that’s carefully extracted from the marijuana plant—has come under a lot of legal and moral scrutiny. And though opinions may differ, what we can’t ignore is the incredible healing power CBD oil seems to have and how versatile it is as a natural remedy.

I’ve been curious about cannabis since the very first time I tried it (a friend shared a joint with me our senior year of high school). Since that time I’ve watched it become legal in certain areas, and now several states in the US seem to be opening up to it more than ever before.

With astounding growing evidence and more case studies coming to light showing its healing benefits, Marijuana is no longer viewed solely as a drug to get high...Cannabis is now a more natural and holistic alternative to manage—and in some cases heal—ailing symptoms.

What is CBD oil?

I found this over at Dr. Axe’s site:
“CBD is one of over 60 compounds found in cannabis that belong to a class of ingredients called cannabinoids. Until recently, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) was getting most of the attention because it’s the ingredient in cannabis that produces mind-altering effects in users, but CBD is also present in high concentrations — and the medical world is realizing that its list of medical benefits continues to grow.”

Marijuana contains both CBD and THC, but the compounds have very different effects.

While THC is renowned for the mind-altering “high” it provides when broken down by heat and introduced to the body, such as when smoking it or cooking it into edibles.

CBD is not psychoactive. Meaning it does not change the state of mind of the person who uses it. Yet it does seem to produce significant changes in the body, and it may have medical benefits.

Very much like anything we consume, quality is of the utmost importance. That’s one of the reasons I chose SupHerbals when I finally decided to give CBD oil a try.

I’d already experimented with a variety of strains of cannabis (the kind with both THC and CBD) and I learned early on that ingesting it was not my preferred way to do it. The main reason is because the “high” is unpredictable. I never knew how much to eat and it was too easy to over do it.

And by overdo it, I mean get super freaked out and sick, room spinning, shortness of breath, etc. Ugh.

Back to CBD oil and why I decided to try it.

My fascination with marijuana the past couple years has been mostly for three reasons. The first being that no matter how healthy I am, sometimes I’m still unable to sleep at night. There are some other holistic teas and supplements (like Magnesium, 5-htp, L-Theanine, and Lemon Balm) that have helped me with this, but nothing that’s worked as well for me as cannabis.

Another reason was because I have a lot of clients and friends that have shared with me their testimonies of the many benefits they have by using cannabis. Some of them moved to California, Oregon, and Colorado so they could more easily access it.

Just a few of the comments they’d share:

“My brain tumor is reducing in size…”

“I’d been addicted to pain medication for years and I was able to get completely off it with cannabis…”

“My sleep has been better than ever…”

And the third reason is that my mom was diagnosed with stage four mesothelioma. Not only has cannabis (and CBD oil) been linked to managing the side effects of chemo, but there are also case studies where it was able to heal cancer cells. The National Cancer Institute ( says that cannabis has been shown to kill cancer cells.

So I scoured the internet and asked lots of questions. Everything I was learning about CBD oil was luring me to give it a try. Plus I had a surgery scheduled and I was hoping to find a natural way to sleep without worrying about getting “high.” I asked my doctor about it and he told me CBD oil was totally ok as long as I didn’t smoke it.

That was all the green light I’d needed to move forward.

My policy on my blog is to share resources that I’ve personally found helpful and informing for you and other people to use as a starting point for your own research, and to make your own decisions with the care of your doctor.

How I Stumbled On SupHerbals

As many of you may already know, I graduated from Nutrition School (Institute For Integrative Nutrition) in May 2016. Through that school, I’ve connected with several like-minded people who mentor and inspire me. One of those people is Jenny over at HealthyCrush.

Not too long ago, her father was diagnosed with cancer and she has been sharing that journey along with holistic ways that have been helping.

Well, one of her articles featured SupHerbals in it and what her experience was with CBD oil. She was offering a discount (who doesn’t love getting a deal?!) and everything I read about SupHerbals aligned with my beliefs on quality. (I’m offering a deal with SupHerbals here with code ashley15)

From their website:

A Superior Oil
Artisan produced and bottled in small batches, each bottle of oil is created with the utmost care and the highest standards.

A Premium Oil
A full spectrum oil using all the cannabinoids making it a complete product. The more cannabinoids present the more effective the results.

A Sacred Oil
Before the oil is bottled each batch is energetically cleared using palo santo and sage. Then it is vibrationally attuned using a 528 Hz tuning fork and other shamanic tools. Finally, the oil is blessed with Reiki Healing Energy and Deeksha, the Indian Oneness Blessing

An Extremely Bioavailable Oil
Using good old physics and sunflower lecithin, the CBD and MCT Oils are more efficiently bound and encapsulated creating a protective barrier. This allows the molecules to pass through the digestive tract virtually untouched by digestive enzymes and stomach acids which would normally break down the molecule. This system allows for a much greater amount of CBD to be delivered to wherever it is going to be used.

My next steps were to compare SupHerbals to other CBD oil companies. Surprisingly, there are lots of them out there!

A few years ago, I’d heard about Charlotte’s Webb through a documentary by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. So I checked that out and compared it to SupHerbals. CW has a little less potency and both products are roughly the same price (with the coupon SupHerbals offers.) Here’s the documentary.

For me personally, I preferred to go with the stronger potency.

A lot of my other comparisons were either not strong enough or too expensive or not good enough quality. Or all three.

At the time I bought my first CBD oil from SupHerbals, they offered 750mg in either coconut oil or hemp oil. I ordered the one in hemp oil. Today when I looked to link their site to this article, I noticed they now offer 850mg instead of 750mg. And now they also have 1700mg (which I cannot wait to try!).

My personal experience with SupHerbals CBD oil has been no scary overdose symptoms, able to sleep through the night, and reduced pain from my surgery. And less pain meant I didn’t need to take as many pain pills (thank God because those side effects are horrible!) When I gave some to my mom for her to try, she said it totally took away all of her pain! Now she’s working with her doctor and insurance provider to see what her options are that way.

For me, I plan to keep using SupHerbals as I need it. Now that my body is healing, I haven’t needed to take it so much for pain. However, I am still enjoying it in the evening to help with my sleep. Since I shared some of my first bottle with my mom, I hurried up and ordered a second one so I wouldn’t run out.

On average, one bottle of the 750mg should last me about 6 weeks. Depending how many doses I take, of course. Right now I am taking 1/4 to 1/2 dropper 1-2 times a day.

Can CBD Oil Help You?

As with anything, my motto is always to at least try something before I make a decision if it works for me or not. You should work alongside your own healthcare practitioner and go over any medications you’re taking, symptoms you’re hoping to ease, and how much CBD oil you should take.

SupHerbals shares that their CBD Oil has been used in conjunction with symptoms related to arthritis, chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, insomnia, digestive disorders and many more difficulties.

If you suffer from any of those issues, then perhaps CBD Oil could help you out. Again, double check with your own health care provider before starting a new regimen or product. Some people I know have shared they notice the benefits of CBD oil right away, while others claim they had to consistently take it for a week or longer to see/feel the difference.

I’m just so excited I finally tried it and I plan to stick with it for a while. Have you tried CBD oil? Do you have a favorite brand? If you haven’t checked out SupHerbals yet, then head over there now and let me know whatcha think!


PS: For a discount on SupHERBals CBD Oil, use code ashley15 🙂

If you purchase through some of the links in this article, I’ll be compensated a small kickback. All opinions are my own and completely honest! This compensation helps to keep the blog up and running. Thank you for all your support.

Dr. Axe

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