Mind-Blowing Facts About The Dangers Of Fluoride

Fluoride isn’t just in your toothpaste.

Unless you’re like me and only use natural toothpastes with minimal ingredients then chances are you have fluoride in your toothpaste. I know, it’s confusing—trust me—I love my dentist but this conversation is touchy to have there. There’s just too much research on the dangers of fluoride (I’ll get a little techy on you here in a sec) so in my healthy, crazy, beautiful lifestyle, I feel it’s super important to eliminate as much as you can. Perhaps you’re feeling you want to be more mindful of this area in your life too?

Well, consider this real quick and then decide if cleaning up your toothpaste would be a good idea:

Do you know what’s in your tap water? Research is showing most tap water to have contaminates and oftentimes…you guessed it!…fluoride!

And even if you only drink filtered water, or do what I did and hire a water service in my home, did you know that if your shower isn’t filtered then there’s a high probability you’re absorbing fluoride topically through your skin? Or goodness gracious, all those times swimming in a pool or lounging in a hot tub…I mean, who knows if that’s fluoride in there or not, but I do know it’s chlorine or some other type of chemicals used to keep the water all clear and sparkly…and that means our biggest organ—skin—is absorbing that too.

This is just one of a million reasons why PROBIOTICS are so important.

Probiotics—and a few other nutritional supplements I’m sure you’ve heard me go on about—help combat your body from various health issues that could be caused from exposure to this toxic stuff. Healthier diet and lifestyle choices are also pretty critical here too.

Now as promised, here’s some techy research and mind-blowing tidbits I dug up about fluoride and your ‪‎intestinal‬ tract:

— Sodium ‪fluoride‬ is a protoplasmic poison—as lethal as cyanide. It’s a toxic bi-product of the aluminum and fertilizer industries.

— Scientific research proves that instead of helping teeth, fluoride starts an insidious process of degeneration in the entire body because it tends to cripple enzyme activity, thus interfering with calcium metabolism.

— Court documents attest to fluoride causing at least 10k deaths annually, and damage to the brain, kidneys, thyroid, eyes, hearing, and other medical problems are incalculable.

— Fluoride interferes with the utilization of B vitamins, disturbs the chromosome repair enzyme, interrupts the amino acid chain in collagen, and slows down thought process.

— CDC has warned mothers NOT to give babies under twelve months fluoridated water and Gerber has removed it from all its baby products. American Dental Assoc. now recommends that infant avoid fluoridated water altogether, and children under 5 yrs should brush with water only.

— In small doses, we know fluoride stops the function of enzymes and damages ALL cells in the body…including our helper white cells…thereby attacking our immune system.

— When our immune system is under attack, guess what jumps into action??? That’s right!!! ‪‎Candida‬—now turned fungus—begins to devour our weakened cells, spreading through our intestinal tract like wild fire.

How freaking scary is all that?

And we wonder why there’s so many people with autoimmune disorders from autism, depression, IBS, to RA, lupus, MS, ALS, diabetes, infections, skin rashes, and so on?!

I love that you’re curious about this. I hope you keep on exploring that beautiful curiosity so you can make the best choices for your healthy lifestyle!


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