How I Experimented With Bulletproof Coffee

I love experimenting with “healthy” stuff! Maybe I’m even a bit obsessed with it. Ha! Like not a full-blown orthorexia but…seriously, I do indulge in “unhealthy” crap on occasion (once a week or so and my body totally points it out to me!) and it’s no secret I enjoy a good glass of red wine with dinner. Maybe two or three. Just one more reason I coach a few 10-day detoxes every year and run my 10-Day Body Purification e-Course! And my programs aren’t the starve and torture kind—no, my motto is eating real, whole, fresh food ALL DAY LONG. And trust me, it works amazing!

So this week’s new experiment is: Bulletproof Coffee. I know, right!? I can’t believe I hadn’t tried it before now either. My first thought was, “This cannot possibly taste good.” “Butter in my coffee? Um, no thank you!” I spent some time researching the heck out of it…the right way to make it, the exact portions of butter, MCT oil, and coffee that were ideal. Since I couldn’t find mct oil at the local store, I ordered a good quality brand I accidently stumbled on made by the Bulletproof company. It’s called Brain Octain Oil (click it for the link on Amazon).

But before that showed up via prime shipping in the mail, I decided to go ahead and try this whole bulletproof thing out with regular ole good quality coconut oil. Bulletproof does have their own brand of coffee but I have a kuerig and am pretty partial to a couple of brands they have…ok, one of them is Dunkin Donuts regular blend (I know it’s not organic and this is just one more reason I take probiotics!) but I don’t have this every morning. I mix it up with a couple others—White Mountain is the organic one I really like.

So I brewed up my coffee, grabbed a stick of Kerry gold unsalted grassfed butter and a jar of coconut oil and my handy emulsifier. Not sure why I was thinking vanilla—this is going to need vanilla!—but I got out my natural vanilla extract too.

The official bulletproof recipe is 1-2 cups (8oz-160z) coffee, 1-2 tbsp unsalted grassfed butter or ghee, and 1-2 tbsp MCT oil. The trick is in how you make it too. You can’t just stir these together! They need to be blended or emulsified—hence my emulsifier. For my very first bulletproof coffee, I used a tsp…sorry, but 1-2 tbsp seemed, well, a bit much. I didn’t even know if I was going to like butter in my coffee at all. So 1 tsp of grassfed butter and 1 tsp of coconut oil got plopped into my black coffee. Then I added a teensy micro dash of vanilla extract and went to town with my emulsifier. It splattered everywhere, so if you use this method to mix it you’ll need to make sure your bulletproof coffee mixture only comes up about half way in the cup. Mine was closer to the top…I should’ve known better! But anyway, it did get all frothy (score! I totally love unsweetened almond milk cappuccinos!) and I added a micro sprinkle of organic cinnamon on top (just how I’d drink my cappi). After I cleaned up the mess I went in for my first sip…

…and it was freaking awesome! Like, holy crap, I can’t believe how good this is! Creamy, smooth, great flavor.

Bulletproof Coffee

Now, this is something I can totally do—and enjoy—for the next few weeks so I can gage what other (if any) benefits I’ll experience. And trust me, I’ve read tons of benefits from feeling smarter to losing weight. I’m going ALL IN on this and can’t wait to share…oh, and I can’t wait to try this with actual MCT oil. Yes, I upgraded shipping to get it next day instead of two-day that prime shipping comes with.

So have you bulletproofed? Got questions?

I’ll answer them in the comments rather than by email. That way we all can learn!

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