Setting New Year’s Goals You Can Keep More Than One Week

Ashley RobertsonI’m writing this as I reflect on my birthday in Vero Beach (my home away from home) while feeling some fresh cool air on my skin. Which is actually quite welcomed since it’s almost the New Year, and well, cooler temps surely go together with ringing in 2018!

Around this time is when so many of us start reflecting and setting goals for our future. Maybe you’re doing it right now too? Goody!

Because with all the new fads and trends, diets and cleanses, gyms and fitness programs, etc. that are sure to start selling like hotcakes, this truly must be the YEAR OF “WELLTH” FOR BETTER WEALTH.

Now check out this little factoid –> The original English word for “wealth” was actually “welthe” derived from the words “wealth” and “health.”

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. ~Mahatma Gandhi

Seriously, who wants money/things galore if they don’t feel good enough to enjoy it? An astounding 97% said finding happiness and living a more balanced life is one of their most important goals.

So don’t be surprised to see more restaurants getting on board with offering healthier choices, seeing more people exercising, and watching a huge spike in supplement sales.

And while choosing the right supplements can get quite confusing, don’t forget I’m not only here to help educate you with the best ones for your unique body to achieve your specific goals, but also I’m certified to help with all your diet and fitness needs.

This year, what is it you wholeheartedly want to achieve? Are there things about you and your life you’ve been wanting to change? Most of us answer a definite YES to this…I know I did. Thinking of too many things at once can be overwhelming. So what’s 1 or 2 things you want to change but have been putting off?

Maybe it’s to stop smoking…lose weight…or perhaps communicate with someone you’ve had a falling out with?

Now ask yourself (or better yet, write this down):
Why haven’t I taken action?
What pain have I associated with taking action?

Be honest with yourself when answering these questions. No one knows YOU better than YOU. If you can’t think of pain associated with your lack of action, then think harder. Maybe the pain is as simple as you’re too busy and just don’t have time. I’m totally guilty of using that one a lot!

Now let’s jot down the pleasure we linked to indulging in this negative cycle. Like, if your desired change is weight loss, why are you eating cakes, brownies, pizzas and guzzling them down with soda? Sure, you’re avoiding the pain of depriving yourself and at the same time eating those things is a form of instant gratification because that sugar rush feels so good. That is until the crash hits.

I love how Tony Robbins shares in his books if you want to create longterm change, you must find a new way to get a similar pleasure without negative consequences. That is, reprogram your mind to a healthier “trade off” that’s going to help you achieve and maintain your goals. An example of this would be to swap out those processed cookies you love to snack on for a homemade cookie with quality ingredients.

That way you still get your cookie…just NOT the one with all those processed ingredients that can harm your body over the longterm and hinder your health and weight goals. A total win win!

Through this simple technique (and several other easy swaps) I’ve been able to help my clients not only achieve their goals, but equip them with lots of other healthy lifestyle habits for success that lasts. Be mindful that if the “diet” you’re on isn’t something you can do for the longterm, then it is NOT the right diet for you. Maintaining your progress is all about finding that perfect “lifestyle” (not diet) that you can stick with.

Some people prefer to dive in head-first, but so many people backslide from this. Be super careful here.

I’m not saying detoxes and challenges aren’t good ideas (I actually love them for the extra push they can offer) but remember those are short-term programs. You’ll need to come up with a plan for after the detox or weight loss challenge is over. That’s why all my programs include “Next Steps” modules that include tons of tips and info to help you.

Through all my diet and exercise experimenting, I’ve found that what works best for me is a combo of a few different diets (mediterranean, paleo, body type) and fitness training regimens (HIIT, weights, circuit, & some power yoga). Of course I had to try out a lot of different things to discover this about my body.

The next step to making your goals happen is to jot down what it will cost you if you don’t start making positive changes right now. What will happen if you don’t stop eating so much sugar and bad fats? If you don’t stop smoking? If you don’t make that call? If you don’t start working out?

Again, you’ve got to be honest with yourself.

What’s it going to cost you over the next 1, 2, 3 and so on years? What will it cost you emotionally? What’s it going to cost with your self-esteem? Will it effect your relationships? Don’t just say it will cost money here. That’s not deep enough…Remember our emotions can drive us so we need to learn how to use pain as your new friend…one that can push us to a new level of success.

Lastly, jot down the pleasure you will receive by making each of these actions now. Make a huge list here to delve deep into those emotions that will really get you excited. Like, I’m gaining the feeling of really being in control of my life, of knowing that I’m in charge. I am more confident. I am feeling so much better. I am looking amazing. I am strengthening my relationships. I am love. I am prosperous. My life is better in all these ways now, next year, and several years down the road.

It’s so important to envision the positive impacts both now and in the longterm. And don’t just envision them—feel them. Allow yourself to feel as though you’re already right where you want to be in life. Take note of just how amazing it feels and let that sink into your subconscious mind.

Pretty amazing, rt?

Easy, Move-at-your-own-pace Programs To Kickstart or Revamp Your Health & Fitness Goals

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“excuses will always be there for you. opportunity won’t.”

All three programs took a lot of time and resources to create, but most important is that I put my heart and soul into them with a purpose of sharing what has been a life-changer for me in my own health & fitness journey with hopes it can help you and other people feel and look better too.

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A Few More Posts To Empower Your Goals (and Maintain them!)





If there’s anything else you need help with, I’d love to help you out. Leave me a comment below or message me anytime. You’re not alone…we’re in this together…learning, growing, loving…supporting each other…getting back on the train after we fall off…conquering our goals one step at a time. 🙂

So what are your goals for next year? Are you ready to dive in and make them your reality?

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