How A Man Values Your Diet & Fitness Efforts

Have you ever wondered what your man thinks about your diet and fitness efforts? Trust me, your man is watching you more than you realize—a whole lot more. After studying several books on relationships and being together since 2007, we’ve applied a lot of the advice, studies, and techniques in our own lives…and so much of it not only has worked—but is still working.

For years, my girlfriends have leaned on the advice of my husband hoping to get a genuine and honest male perspective, which he’s more than happy to share. Some of it can be tough to hear, but he’s a straight-shooter and doesn’t “candy coat” it.

That’s just one of the million things I love about my hubby.

You see, he’s not just my husband—he’s my best friend, soul mate, spiritual partner, and lover. We both work really hard to be healthy and fit because we not only want to look and feel amazing for ourselves, but also for each other.

Ashley In 2016 I coached several virtual group programs (detoxes and weight loss challenges) and I’m happy to say they were a 100% success. That’s what my current books, programs, and eCourses are all based on—those very same tips, tricks, and tools I shared along with anything new I’ve learned since then.

As so many of us know, getting through challenges can be excited and also very challenging. There are high moments and low ones. One of my personality traits is that when I’m committed to you—I’m all-in. And I’ll do whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals.

That’s where the idea to create this video sparked.

About halfway through one of my last coaching programs, I could feel the struggles of several clients. I shared this with my hubby and then asked him if he’d do a video with me to help out. Of course he agreed. He loves helping people too and my heart just knew he’d be all-in with me. We simply needed to work through our own nerves since we hadn’t recorded a video together before and become a dual force to motivate and inspire these amazing people who truly were trying their best and just needed another push forward.

Goodness knows I’ve needed a good push—or kick in the butt, lol—so many times I can’t count. 🙂

Even though this isn’t a brand new video anymore, I feel strongly the message behind it can still positively impact others. So go ahead and watch it, but be sure to watch all the way through as the first half can be a bit tough to hear. No candy coating, remember?

What your partner really thinks can help you stay motivated…I know it empowers me daily still. Pushing through the challenges and learning how to create healthier “trade-offs” and make them daily habits are critical keys for lasting success with your health and weight goals.

You’re not alone on this journey, even though some moments can feel so isolating. Do your best not to beat yourself up when you slip-up. Trust me, we all screw up from time to time. Instead use those feelings to propel you forward—right back on track. A visual I’ve always loved is: Giving Up on a goal because of a set back is like slashing your other 3 tires because you got a flat.

What are your thoughts on letting your partner motivate your health and fitness journey? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

All my love,

PS: If you love reading, here are a couple relationship books that have been life-changing for me:
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