Plank Sliding Exercises For Core And Arm Strength (+ Video)

I’ve been pretty obsessed with various plank sliding exercises lately…so I threw together a quick video so you could get some ideas for your own workouts. Adding these into a progressive HIIT circuit, like these faves of mine, would totally boost your whole upper body even more.

One of the things I love about progressive HIIT weight training is how quick your workouts are. Seriously, some of them only take 5-10 minutes, which makes excuses not to exercise that much harder IMO. An average workout on here is around 15 minutes…A LOT can get done in that short time if you really push yourself.

And by not wasting hours of my days with my training, that frees me up to do other things I enjoy—like right now I cannot get enough of this paranormal romance novel (A Court Of Thorns And Roses). The weather has been perfect so I’ll pick a shady spot outside and read a chapter or two. Until last night of course, when I could not put it down and I nearly finished the whole book. Have you read it yet…or any other book by Sarah Maas?

You’ve got to grab a copy of this book (if PR is your thing) and after you get your quick workout in, use some of that extra time you have to read a little and lose yourself in a whole other world. It’s fun. It’s amazing. It’s a good habit to have. And since paranormal romance is one of my fave fiction books to read, I’ve written several of them (award-winning ones too!) you can find on Amazon or anywhere else eBooks are sold. 🙂

If doing a little cardio on a machine is your jam, then reading is a easy and fun way to pass the time while you’re rockin’ out…And you can add these sliding exercises in before or after your cardio sesh too. Or just do them on their own for a killer upper body blast.

In the video I show you a few of my favorite ways to do sliding exercises, using paper plates on carpet flooring. For other types of floors (if the plates won’t slide) you can use dish towels, furniture sliding discs, and even wear socks.

Plank Sliding Exercises For Core And Arm Strength

So what’d ya think? Totally awesome exercises right? And they are a fun and perfect way to change up the basic plank (which can get so boring!).

The other day I read this quote that has just stuck with me ever since:

“Fitness – if it came in a bottle, everybody would have a great body.” ~Cher

Oh, how we’ve all wished for a magic pill or potion to get us to our desired health and fitness goals. I’ve tried hundreds (if not more!) nutritional products and I do believe there are supplements that can help, but it doesn’t take the place of getting nourishment from your food and moving your body daily.

So let’s rock out a good workout, make mindful choices with what you eat, and find ways to have the most fun every day. You’ve totally got this! High5!

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