Basic Pushup

This is an exercise that’s been around forever…the pushup. It’s very important that you have proper form while doing this as you want to achieve maximum results AND sustain no injuries.

The Breakdown
Get into the plank position with your back straight and your butt not sagging down or poking up…try to keep it level with your back. Your feet and hands are a little more than shoulder width apart. Lower your body toward the floor, your face should be just a couple inches above it, then press back up into the plank.

*Beginners—Using the same form with your back and butt, get on your knees and do the pushup.

PS. Check out these other awesome pushup combo exercises –> Swiss Ball Pushup & Crunch combo and Pushup + Row. And if you need a motivating boost and want weekly workouts emailed straight to your inbox, then you’ve gotta explore my Virtual Fitness Trainer. 🙂


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