Rock Your Body To The Extreme (body weight workout)

This workout is a full body circuit challenge using NO equipment. 🙂 It can easily be done from where ever you are, whether it be at home, or from a hotel room if you’re traveling…or you can do it outside like I did. Whenever I get good weather, I always enjoy training outdoors. Mixing it up is good. That way it doesn’t get boring or feel redundant.

My warmup for today was 10 minutes of cardio on my elliptical machine. If you don’t have 10 minutes, then at least do my 2-minute warmup and fat burner beforehand and get those muscles primed and ready for a seriously intense workout.

I’m using my Gymboss timer to track each round (there are two of them to complete for this workout). An exercise mat also came in handy for me since I trained on brick pavers. Feel free to substitute and use whatever you have available to you.

Now, let’s set our timers to 0.0 and get moving with Round One!

Wow, sweat is pouring out of me! My heart is racing like crazy too. I’m gonna catch my breath and grab some water, then see you back here for one more round.

The Breakdown
– 20 Surfers
– 20 Knee Raise Twists (right)
– 20 Knee Raise Twists (left)
– 10 Jumping Jack Pushups
– 10 Side Plank Crunch + Side Crunch Combo (right)
– 10 Side Plank Crunch + Side Crunch Combo (left)
– 10 Side Kick + Back Kick Combo (right)
– 10 Side Kick + Back Kick Combo (left)
– 10 Scissor Pushups
– 10 Jump Kicks (alternating)

I killed Round One in: 7:13
and Round Two in: 6:55

Now it’s time to get on with our day. I hope you enjoyed this workout and I promise if you stick with me you will reap the rewards this type of training can give you. 🙂

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