Sizzling Summer Shred Series V. 1 (Progressive Home Workout)

Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level?

This is a perfect start to the series I structured to keep that fat melted off through the summertime and keep your bathing suit-ready body in check.

**Click on any exercises in “The Breakdown” for a demo of proper form and movement.

Equipment I used:
Gymboss Timer
Fitness Gloves

Watch this video for the full workout:

Before you can begin the workout, you must “Buy In” to it 🙂
— 30 Powerblock Swings *If you don’t have powerblocks or dumbbells, try using a gallon water jug, a sand bag, etc.

Ok, now it’s time for the workout!
— 20 Sumo Jumping Jacks (see above video for exercise demo)
— 10/10 Side Plank Arm Stretches
— 15/15 1-Arm Powerblock Swings
— 10 Power Shoulder Presses
— 20 Lunge/Front Kick Combo
— 15/15 Knee Raise/Side Kick Combo
— 15 Weighted Situp with Double Twist
— 2 Up/Down/Crescent (see video above for exercise demo)
Beginners = 1 round. Intermediate = 2 Rounds. Advanced = 3 Rounds.

Whew! The sweat should be pouring off of you, but we still gotta “Buy Out” of the workout! Come on, finish strong with me!

— 10/10 Side Plank Leg Lifts (see above video for exercise demo)

We did it! High5! Don’t forget not to sabotage your workouts with eating junk. Try your best to make healthier choices with what you fuel your body with. Nutritional supplements are another great way to ensure you don’t have any dietary and probiotic deficiencies.

Would you like a weekly workout schedule emailed to you? Leave a comment for details and let me know you’re inquiring about my Virtual Weekly Workout Program. 🙂

“The only thing you must give away if you want to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle is…Your Excuses.”

To busting through the barrier of excuses and getting in your best shape ever!

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