Understanding The Candida Yeast Overgrowth Die-Off Process

Understanding Candida Yeast Overgrowth—Why the heck is gut health so important?

For starters, your gut—AKA intestinal tract and colon—is your body’s “second brain” and it actually does a whole lot more than you probably think. 95% of your serotonin (mood enhancing hormone naturally produced by your body) is produced in your intestines and only 5% of that is pumped from your gut through tiny fibers up to the brain in your skull. This not only keeps you feeling happier throughout the day, but also helps your body keep more balanced cortisol levels. A nasty spike of that stress hormone leads to a whole slew of health issues including elevated blood sugar (hello, prediabetes, diabetes, & cancer!?), weight gain, anxiety, irritability, and infertility to name a few.

In addition to your intestines being the main gatekeeper of your serotonin, it’s also where 80% of your immune system resides. Your immune system is your body’s natural built-in defense against viruses, diseases, sicknesses, skin breakouts, etc. Yes, I included skin breakouts, which also means lesions, acne, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, hives, and any other form of skin irritation. Your skin is one of many ways our bodies try to alert us of something wrong inside your intestines. Other illnesses and sicknesses that take too long to heal is another sure sign that your immune system isn’t functioning, as it should.

Your gut is also where your digestive system is too. Its sole purposes are to convert food into much needed nutrients and to rid the body of waste. This is where small traces of Candida Yeast aid the digestive system and then when we die, return our bodies back into the ground. Which if we weren’t embalmed, it would work much like how fungus grows on anything dead. The fungus first softens it into a pulpy mush—just think of a bruised apple or rotting fruit here—and overtime nothing would be left at all.

Yes, you heard me right. Candida Yeast is supposed to be in your body and you can never fully get rid of it.

It's National Iced Tea Day!This is an area where so many of us get confused. I get emailed often with people asking me how to get rid our their Candida and when will they be fully cured. Our digestive system needs small amounts of Candida so it can function properly. That’s why our bodies tolerate it being there.

The truth of the matter is, like our bodies, we must learn to tolerate the yeast and do everything we can to keep it regulated on a daily basis. Because, you guys, that’s the core problem—Candida Overgrowth. It’s the overgrowth that has enabled this once tolerable little yeast to expand throughout your intestinal tract (and almost your entire body once it breaks into your bloodstream) like foam, suffocating your healthy cells and embedding itself within. That’s the point where it’s no longer just a yeast anymore—it’s morphed into a fungus that’s eating away at everything it touches.

To make matters worse, it oftentimes goes undetected in your body because it can camoflauge itself as your cell, not the nasty yeast-turned-fungus that it truly is. And like I said, it’s devouring everything in its path because its sole job is to help return your body to the ground. It proliferates the lining of the GI tract and colon, leaking poisonous toxins and waste into your body known as leaky gut. Yep, a very fitting name for all that nastiness it’s leaking inside you.

And that’s exactly where countless thousands of health issues are rooted.

After your immune system has exhausted itself trying to ward off this intruder, it holds up the white flag in full surrender. Though, not without side effects—a lot of them horrific. Autoimmune disorders have grown to be an epidemic almost as big as this Yeast Overgrowth, effecting nearly 50 million Americans, which equates to about 1 in every 5 people who have a reported autoimmune disorder. And that’s not counting those who are undiagnosed or even misdiagnosed. How scary is that? Taking it further, this yeast-turned-fungus has been linked to cancer, pre & diabetes, depression, panic attacks, irritability, skin breakouts, hives, rashes, bladder & yeast infections, inflammation, headaches, fatigue, nausea, itchiness, constipation, diarrhea, athletes foot, bloating, gas, joint & muscle pain, and the list goes on. Do you suffer from any of these symptoms? If so, then I urge you to consider the state of your gut.

*Please be mindful I’m simply sharing my personal experience along with some of the information I found helpful or insightful, so you can continue to do your own research alongside your health care practitioner. I don’t ever advocate relying on someone’s blog to make major medical decisions.*

Here are common Candida Overgrowth and Leaky Gut Syndrome symptoms:

  • Fatigue
  • Brain “fog”—hard to focus or think straight
  • Oral Thrush (a white film on tongue or in the mouth)
  • Bad breath, foul taste in mouth
  • Abdominal pain
  • Bloating and indigestion
  • Increasing allergies to foods (gluten or celiac problems can be a direct result of Candida overgrowth) more
    Constant craving for something sweet!
  • Joint pain with arthritis-like symptoms
  • Chronic sinus drainage—which antibiotics don’t help!
  • Weight gain (or loss) and the inability to change it.
  • Fungus on the toe-nails
  • Itching, red eyes, ear drainage
  • Acne Breakouts
  • Candida Skin rashes on the body (eczema, atopic dermatitis)
  • Candida Rash around the groin or in the folds of skin
  • Vaginal yeast infections
  • Bladder infections
  • Anal, penile or vaginal itching
  • Hair loss
  • Vision problems
  • Anxiety and/or panic
  • Depression from feeling so low and bogged down all the time

Some of us have a Candida overgrowth that has reached its advanced stages, while others have only just started to notice the symptoms. It makes perfect sense that those who have suffered longest from their Candida will also take the longest to be regulated. The longer that you have had a Candida overgrowth, the more entrenched this fast-growing yeast is within your gut.

The causes of  Candida Overgrowth—Leaky Gut Syndrome—are not the same for each individual person. Some people have it due to a combination of reasons. Common sources of this overgrowth include:

  • 11. DIABETES

Purify Your Gut_ Ad_SidebarGastrointestinal—Gut—Health is SO important and treating it holistically is the absolute best approach. And taking it very slowly will be the best and most tolerable way to move forward. When yeast cells are rapidly killed, a “die-off “(or Herxheimer Reaction) occurs and metabolic by-products are released into the body.

The Candida yeast cells actually release 79 different toxins when they die, including ethanol (also called ethyl alcohol, pure alcohol, grain alcohol, or drinking alcohol) and acetaldehyde (which is produced by oxidation of ethylene and is popularly believed to be a cause of hangovers from alcohol consumption). Acetaldehyde in particular has a whole host of detrimental effects on your health and wellbeing. It can impair your brain function and even kill brain cells, so you can see how acetaldehyde is linked to Candida symptoms like brain fog and fatigue. These by-products also cause allergic reactions and inflammation that lead to an array of undesirable symptoms. Candida Die-Off symptoms will vary from person to person, as each will have different degrees of infestation. Often times, your original Candida Overgrowth symptoms could magnify, or reoccur.

The point when the die-off symptoms kick in is sadly the time when many people prematurely abandon the process of regulating their yeast overgrowth, so it’s important to be prepared, be patient, be committed, and understand what your body is going through.

Here is a list of some of the symptoms you might experience during a die-off (otherwise known as a Herxheimer reaction):

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • fatigue
  • dizziness
  • Swollen glands
  • Bloating
  • gas
  • constipation or diarrhea
  • Increased joint or muscle pain
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Chills
  • cold feeling in your extremities
  • Body itchiness
  • hives or rashes
  • Sweating
  • Fever
  • Skin breakouts
  • Recurring vaginal, prostate, bladder, and sinus infections

If you are having severe Die-Off symptoms, slow down your treatment and reduce your dosage of probiotics and antifungals. Your liver is the main pathway for eliminating toxins, and the Die-Off symptoms mean that it is being overwhelmed with the toxic by-products produced by the dying yeast organisms. Cleansing the body from a yeast overgrowth takes time, and is not pleasant. But left un-addressed, the candida can cause much more harm. Scientific research and new publications of clinical studies are finally showing that regulating this overgrowth has reversed—and even cured—many Gastrointestinal Diseases. 

To help make balancing your Candida Yeast Overgrowth more tolerable:

Increase water intake to flush out the toxins faster: If you want to feel better, all those byproducts that are released by the Candida yeast—fungus—need to leave your body. You can give them a push by drinking more water!

Eliminate Refined Sugar & Processed Foods: These types of foods actually feed the yeast and that’s not what you want when you’re trying to reduce your detox symptoms. If you can’t completely eliminate these, then do your very best to reduce how much of them you have. Increasing your probiotics, antifungals, and enzymes (all found in our ProBio5 that I’ll get to shortly) can help offset your starch and sugar indulgences, but it’s important to eat as many of the right foods as possible. I know dietary changes can be hard, so instead of focusing on what you shouldn’t have on your plate, try adding veggies to all of your meals. Sneak them in your smoothies. Juice them. Throw a handful of leafy greens on the side of your favorite dish.

Slow down and rest as much as possible: Stress can weaken your adrenals and reduce your body’s ability to fight pathogens like a fungal infection. Relaxing and taking some personal time will help your immune system to do what it was designed to do.Be aware that yeast die-off reactions are a sign that your yeast treatment is succeeding because it is an indication that yeast cells are dying, usually in large numbers. However, it is also an indicator of your body’s toxic overload, often indicating more poisons are being released than the body can adequately cope with at one time. In most cases, yeast die-off is a sign that the system’s eliminatory pathways (intestinal tract) are overburdened or as oftentimes happens, blocked, as in constipation and liver stress. Adding a magnesium supplement is so important as it will aid the digestive tract (intestines) in more effectively and promptly eliminating waste. If increasing this dosage becomes too intense, then back off to a lower dose.

Use natural supplements to your advantage: It’s no secret that good quality probiotics and magnesium are essential DAILY staples to regulating Candida Overgrowth and helping keep it balanced throughout your life. Yes, that means you should be taking these consistently.

My top probiotic supplements right now are:

— Sunbiotics

Garden of Life

— Bio Schwartz

— Trust Your Gut

— Trace Minerals Greens Pak

There are a few other supplements out there that can really help reduce and/or prevent “die off” aka detox symptoms.

Here they are:
PREbiotic Fiber Pre-biotics and probiotics are completely different things. You need a probiotic to help replenish the healthy bacteria in your gut and pre-biotics are like the miracle grow for that healthy bacteria.

So what exactly is Prebiotic Fiber? It’s basically the food that Probiotics (aka good bacteria) eat. It is indigestible fibers that are in certain foods and supplements. When Prebiotics are in the system, it makes the environment more conducive for Probiotics to flourish. Feeding them is necessary for a healthy micro biome. Any one who isn’t getting enough healthy fiber in their diet should consider supplementing prebiotic fiber.

Vitamin D with K2: Not only does this awesome combo provide additional immune system support, but it also promotes normal bone mineral density, helps support bone health, helps maintain cardiovascular health, promotes elasticity of blood vessels, and helps maintain normal blood pressure.

Omega-3s: Research suggests that omega-3s support healthy lipid levels, normal cholesterol and blood pressure levels, which can help promote cardiovascular health, brain health & healthy brain development. Omega-3 fatty acids are considered essential fatty acids. Also known as polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega-3 fatty acids play a crucial role in brain function. Omega-3s also help with stress management and Aid in relaxation.

Milk Thistle / Liver Support I can’t even begin to stress how important taking care of your liver is. Milk thistle promotes liver and gallbladder health by providing free-radical scavenging activity, stimulation of liver cell regeneration, and prevention of toxin uptake by the liver cells. It has been seen to demonstrate strong protective activity when liver cells are challenged by a variety of toxins. Milk thistle supports the regeneration of damaged liver tissue, supports healthy liver and bile cholesterol, and helps limit liver damage as a result of disrupted oxygen supply. If you still struggle to omit lots of sugar and processed foods from your diet, take medications (some are much harder on your liver than others—this includes OTC), and if you enjoy drinking alcohol regularly, then you may want to seriously consider adding milk thistle to your daily routine. It’s also an ideal product to take during a detox and/or cleanse.

B-Vitamins & Eletrcolytes: Increases energy & helps with mental fatigue, promotes a healthy nervous system, bone marrow & intestinal tract, promotes cardiovascular health, maintains healthy levels of serotonin, thereby decreasing stress & improving mood.

Are You Getting The Right Treatments?

There are three important elements in any Candida Yeast Overgrowth treatment:
– Diet
– Probiotics (and Prebiotic Fiber)
– Hydration


Foods To Eat:
– Vegetables
– Fresh Cuts of Meat (not-processed, organic, free-range is best)
– Yogurts with live active cultures and low sugars (unsweetened)
– Non-glutinous grains like quinoa, brown rice

This Chart Shows More Options to Help Combat Against Candida:

Foods that regulate candida


Probiotics are the good bacteria that line your gut. They help with digestion and prevent infections from spreading, thus strengthening your immune system. Supplementing good quality probiotics to replenish them in your gut will help to reverse your candida overgrowth. And if you’re not eating enough healthy dietary fiber, then adding in prebiotic fiber is critical as that’s what feeds the healthy bacteria (probiotics).

My Probiotic Recommendations Right Now Are:

— Sunbiotics

Garden of Life

— Bio Schwartz

— Trust Your Gut

— Trace Minerals Greens Pak


Your natural enzymes help break down the walls of the candida cells. When your gut is healthy you shouldn’t need to supplement this. However, if your gut health isn’t ideal (or you’re eating something that’s basically Candida food) then you could have digesting issues and adding in natural enzymes could help. Dr Tobias has a great product you can check out here.

Antifungals can then enter and attack/kill the yeast-turned-fungus overgrowth. Natural antifungals work best because they have fewer side effects than prescription drugs. Here are a few examples:

  • Caprylic Acid
  • Oregano Oil
  • Grape Seed Extract
  • Turmeric
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger


And I don’t mean sugary drinks and sodas here! I’m talking about plain old water—filtered, alkaline, and natural spring water is best since fluoride and other nasty contaminates are found in regular tap water and even some bottled waters too. If you haven’t seen my post about the dangers of fluoride, then click here to see it. And if you’re a big sports drink lover, then try replacing it with organic coconut water (but if you’re in the middle of a detox, don’t go too overboard with it).

gut bookBe aware that detox (die off) reactions are a sign that your yeast treatment is succeeding because it is an indication that yeast cells are dying, usually in large numbers. However, it is also an indicator of your body’s toxic overload, often indicating more poisons are being released than the body can adequately cope with at one time. In most cases, die-off is a sign that the system’s eliminatory pathways (intestinal tract) are overburdened or as oftentimes happens, blocked, as in constipation and liver stress.

This is why taking a magnesium supplement along with your probiotic system is so important.

Magnesium is an essential mineral that oftentimes needs to be supplemented—even if you’re taking a multivitamin. It alkalizes the body, helps with hydration (it’s an essential electrolyte!), relaxes the nervous system and improves sleep, and aids your probiotic and enzymes with gut health, relieving constipation and moving those nasty toxins get out of your body. There are many other benefits and I encourage you to check them out, from heart health to healthier bones.

Adding in prebiotic fiber, Vitamin D, Omega-3s, milk thistle, and B Complex are also some essential—and natural—ways to ease your “die off” symptoms.

You can experiment with these to see how each one could benefit your Candida Overgrowth symptoms—and your overall wellness. And since these are products I personally take regularly for amazing health, you can learn more about them in this article here.

What better time than NOW to get Your Gut Healthy and make this the YEAR OF YOUR BEST HEALTH?!

Your gut health totally rocks!

PS: Please be mindful I’m not suggesting not go to your doctor if you suffer from this. I’m simply sharing my personal experience along with some of the information I found helpful or insightful, so you can continue to do your own research alongside your health care practitioner.

PPS: If you enjoyed this article, share it with a friend who could benefit from it!

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44 responses to “Understanding The Candida Yeast Overgrowth Die-Off Process

  1. Tara

    I came across this article while looking for information on side effects of ProBio5. Maybe you’ll have some advice for me. I started taking it along with BioCleanse in 2013. I had few, if any, side effects or “die off” symptoms even taking as many as 4 of each through the day. Perhaps the most would have been some fatigue within the first couple of weeks. I stayed on both medications regularly and felt great! There were times that, financially I was forced to stop taking Plexus, the BioCleanse, and ProBio5 for maybe 1-2 months but when I would start back, no symptoms… Even with the highest dose. Move forward to Jan… I started taking the pills & plexus after a several months break. No
    problems. I went on a mini vacation and forgot them so when I got back I was out of the habit. 2 weeks later I decide to start taking it again. 2 BioCleanse and 2 ProBio5 before bed, with water, like ALWAYS. An hour later I was so dizzy & nauseous I couldn’t stand it. I thought perhaps I had eaten something bad… The next night I scaled the pills back to 1 each, an hour later the same thing but it was so severe it led to vomiting. I laid of the pills for a week, thinking I had a bug. A week later, I tried again with the same results. I asked in my plexus support group and decided to take the probio5 & BioCleanse separately. I can take BioCleanse with no side effects at all. Tonight I took ONES ProBio5 before dinner (hoping food might help coat my stomach) and within an hour I was SICK. My stomach felt like it was burning and I was plagued with nausea and vomiting. Does this sound like die off to you? Through trial and error, if I can hold everything down for 2 hours after taking the probio5, I’m usually ok… Just exhausted feeling. It always hits within an hour. The pills I’m taking now are from the same bottle as pills I took and was fine. They aren’t expired and haven’t been exposed to extreme heat or cold. It’s just like they are suddenly having a hellish effect on my body… Unlike any they have ever caused. I’m ready to throw them out and never take them again… But I know how much better I felt taking them regularly. I’m just not sure I can get through this, or if I even should? Advice?

    • The most common die-off symptoms seem to be acne, headaches, fatigue, fever, nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, perspiration, night sweats, palpitations, itching and rashes. The symptoms generally last a few days to a week, but can be longer and more extreme depending on the health of the individual, other associated conditions, the extent of the infection, and the strength of dose and frequency of the anti-candida treatment. A handful of my clients have had to reduce the ProBio5 to 1/2 capsule at bedtime and gradually work up to a full capsule. Increasing Bio Cleanse dosage has been helpful for some as it further removes impurities and toxins from your body plus oxygenates it, which boosts your system. 80% of your immune system is in your intestinal tract/colon (which is also where a huge part of the bad yeast vs good bacteria battle is taking place). Making sure you’re drinking enough water is also important as that is how you hydrate and flush these impurities from your body. Your diet, environment, and medications (if any) also play a huge role in regulating the yeast. Here’s a link to a video I did about the link between Candida and antibiotics. I go into some other detail that I think you will find helpful. http://www.healthyfunfit.com/the-dangers-of-antibiotics/

      • Tara

        How are the splitting the capsule in half? Are they mixing the contents with something else? Doesn’t it seem strange that I would experience die-off after 1.5 years on the product, missing a few weeks, then starting back?

        • They pour half in water, juice, or even applesauce or yogurt. I have a friend who just pours half a capsule on her tongue and drinks it down. I’m told there is no flavor, though I have not personally tried that myself. I don’t know anything about your diet, what (if any meds you’re on) or the environment you’re in so it’s impossible based on your above post to know exactly why you’re experiencing more severe symptoms this time around. Have you consulted with your Plexus rep? Candida overgrowth is a very nasty and horrific fungus—the more it spreads, the worse it gets, the more severe the die off when you do something to regulate it. When candida dies it releases toxins/poisons into your body (which is why you experience die off in the first place). The fact you stopped taking your products put you right back to as if you were just getting started…and again depending on your diet, meds, and other factors it could have worsened. It’s hard for me to say without knowing more.

    • Hope

      My biggest Candida die-off side effect was acne. MAJOR ACNE! It was a bit of a shock because I had never had bad acne before in my life. Reading this article definitely explained a lot! The acne is clearing up now and I’m feeling great!

      • That’s awesome Hope! Acne and eczema were just a couple of mine…I suffered from many other symptoms from bladder/yeast infections to anxiety/panic attacks. Consistently taking ProBio5 and Bio Cleanse every day have been my godsend….and being mindful of what I eat/drink is another huge factor. Since we can only keep this regulated (there is no absolute cure) a poor diet could lead to more die off symptoms as the products fight to kill off the new yeast overgrowth.

    • Rhonda


      You are having a “histamine reaction” and it can be due to the strains that are in the Pro bio 5. Some strains cause more of a histamine reaction than others. If you research it, you can find the strain that works for you.

      Good luck!

  2. wendy

    I had startedstarted taking the BioCleanse and pro BIOS 5 days ago. I take two BioCleanse between breakfast and lunch, & 2 BioCleanse between lunch and dinner, then one pro BIOS at bedtime. I have extreme diarrhea. I cannot sleep at night more than 10 minutes without having to get up and go to the bathroom. How long will this last for? At some point will I be not taking the BioCleanse anymore because the problem has been solved? Or is this something I’m going to need to be on forever in order to feel well?

    • I’ve addressed several different methods to reduce the “die off” symptoms in above article and comments. Based on the very little info you’ve shared (I don’t know what other sups or meds you’re on, I don’t know what your diet is like, water consumption, daily stress, etc.) I would advise you reduce the number of bio cleanse and consult with your Plexus rep who sold you the products.

    • Sarah

      It’s the bio cleanse. Some people cannot tolerate high doses of magnesium, which is the main ingredient. Scale back on that and you should be fine.

  3. Marcia

    My 22 year old daughter has trouble swallowing pills. What is a way that you would recommend to her to take her Probio5 and the cleanse since it should be taken on an empty stomach? She already has severe acne and I have her on Slim, Body Cream and XFactor chewables for over a month now which has helped immensely. Thanks for any help Ashley. Very informative article here too. I learned a lot.

    • Hey Marcia, Just break open the cap and put it in water, unsweetened applesauce, yogurt, etc. Preferably anything with a low sugar count (as sugar feeds the yeast/fungus). Your Plexus rep should be able to help you, but if you need me for more guidance or support, just shoot me an email. 🙂

      • Lauren

        Would you think that adding the pill contents to OJ would be okay? I have trouble swallowing pills and in the past when taking other medications it helped.

        • Hi Lauren. I have many clients that open the capsules and mix in water, juice, applesauce, yogurt, etc. Just be careful of the extra sugars that way (unless mixing with water) as sugars feed the yeast overgrowth we are working to regulate with the help of the products. Also, the most effective delivery is via capsule since it helps deliver the products through your stomach acid. Be sure you take them on an empty tummy to help with that. Good luck. 🙂

  4. Denise Parker

    I’ve been suffering from recurrent yeast infections since I was about 21 years old. I’m now 40. I’ve been checked for everything including HIV, diabetes, Lupus. You name it. They can’t find anything wrong with me. OTC and Rx meds don’t work. I even tried going a month on only meat and vegetables. I’m past tired of it. Thank God I have a husband that doesn’t care but I do. And it is affecting our sex life some what. Will this product cure me? I’m searching so hard for answers and there haven’t been any. It’s been just as tough emotionally as physically. The yeast is rampant in my body. Can I be cured once and for all? How effective is this product on yeast infections. Please, please help me.

    • There is no absolute cure for yeast overgrowth. We are all born with a little Candida in us—it’s there to help with digestion and take our bodies into the ground when we die. Our bodies “tolerate” its existence in small portions, however, the yeast overgrowth epidemic has sky rocketed…and so has countless thousands of health issues. It’s critical for you to feel and look your best to keep this yeast/fungus regulated and balanced. These products are a powerhouse for gut health and also making diet and lifestyle changes contribute too.

    • Sasha

      Denise, I have had yeast infections every month since having kids and it was awful I too had been checked for diabetes and other ailments with no answers.. I’ve been on Plexus products for a year now, I can honestly say since starting probio5 I have not had any yeast infections which if that’s all it ever does than fine with me.. Try it you have nothing to lose.. Good luck!

    • Michelle

      2nd the proB. I’ve had an yeast infection every month for about a year now. Done every test too. It’s been one month taking the proB and I’ve never felt healthier ‘down there’! I also treated my last infection with boric acid suppositories – fyi.

  5. Leah

    I feel awful. I restarted the the trio three weeks ago. started with two biocleanse a day. Just upped it to 4 biocleanse a day 3 days ago. Today I feel nauseated, head feels very off, i feel chills, tingling in my face and head. tension, foggy. diahrrea, anxious. just awful.

  6. Kim

    My husband and I have been taking it for atleast a month and have felt tired and not good the whole time. Im aware of candida die off but we are only taking 1…everytime I try to take mine to 2 I get a terrible sinus headache that puts me in bed all day. Ive tried the probio5 in the past and end up getting discouraged because I feel horrible for so long and that’s me not even getting past 1 a night. Any thoughts on what we can do? I read so many people say how much they feel better and how much its helped them- I want that!lol….Are we doing something wrong? We take 1 at bedtime and then 2 bio in the morning? Thanks so much

  7. Danielle

    Loved your article. It was very informative. I’m a new Plexus ambassador and it was so helpful in understanding candida and how it may be affecting me and others interested in trying plexus. Was wondering if you would mind if I shared your article on my Facebook pg.. Giving you credit of course.

  8. Beverly adams

    I found your article very interesting I myself have been onTriple X for about 2 months and this is slim, Pro antibiotic and bio cleanse, for about 2 months almost halfway through this I added accelrater, I am overwhelmed still with my bloating and my candia problem, I’m dealing with thyroid issue which requires medication and early menopause, I follow no consistent pattern with taking my products and I also work midnight shift 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. not getting much rest or sleep juggling a lot sometimes this is requiring me to eat what I can I’ve never had issues with my stomach never never until now I feel like some people are pushed into the gluten allergies based on eating the bread and pastas and grain I do not think why I have as I feel like this with anything that I eat. I’m going back and forth messaging people on Facebook and on plexus group trying to figure out when I can do because I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to keep on plexus I don’t know if I need to go to a doctor indicator pro kinetic medication only by prescription, I don’t understand how I can be looking in mirror standing at a stance with my body relaxed, feel like I am 9 months pregnant lol walk around normal it doesn’t stick out but I feel like to just breathe and still no pressure and let it out in a normal way it looks like I’m 9mo pregnant, I’ve been told by some that I can increase the amount of Pro- antibiotics and bio cleanse, I’m not afraid of the extreme potential of loose stool or diarrhea, sometimes because of this way I feel I am taking laxatives sometimes everyday if I didn’t have a so even more bloated, very depressing to see my stomach be so bloated if I have to continue to live with his float I don’t know what the benefit of me you keep buying products and still feeling the same way I just don’t know how long the die off period is going to be for me, and how can someone know that it’s working keeps looking like you’re still bloated and looking 9 months pregnant. when I go to the bathroom and actually have an effective Bowel movement, top part of my stomach when I sit down it comes out a litlittlit , I feel relieved when I stand up it’s when I am in ask my body that makes me impressed I’m feeling my stomach and she’s even more okay sorry for that so long exclamation I am overwhelmed with this issue so many good day every time I’m thinking them have a good day I can just stand there and see my stomach sticking out again I appreciate any and all input look forward to hearing from you have a blessed day

    • Hi Beverly. Thanks for your inquiry. Feel free to message me so I can better advise you. Let me know if you’re on any medications, what your daily diet is like, and any other symptoms you are hoping to correct.

  9. Amy

    I found this while googling side effects. Sounds like what I am experiencing is normal, unpleasant but normal. I wasn’t told these before starting. Thank you for your help!

  10. Vicki Line

    I’ve been a Plexus Ambassador and customerr for 19 months using TriPlex and XFactor. I drink Slim in the morning, 2 BioCleanse before lunch and dinner and 4 ProBio5 at bedtime. While I’ve had a lot of non-scale victories, my weight loss was slow, which is fine because I didn’t have mugh to lose but I wore a size 4-6 pant and had a 35 inch waist! I started my own search and was recently diagnosed with adrenal fatigue with elevated cortisol, diary allergies, and measured off the chart for mono, which I had as a child and apparently have carried it since with no symptoms. I clearly have malabsorption of nutrients because I was chronically low in Vit D3, A, and C. My 2 main food groups have always been cheeses of all kind and half and half! I have followed a very low carb diet for many years because I like the eating plan but never had much weight loss with it which explains the cheese. Also prediabetic related to adrenal fatigue.
    1)My question is how this is possible when I have been on ProBio5 for this long? I asked Dr. Harris, chief medical officer, if it was because I had continue to eat diary, unaware of the allergy, thus negating the probiotic effects. He said probably. Do you agree?
    2) My most important issue is that I have had explosive diarrhea for 2 weeks, to the extent that I have begun to wonder if I have IBS too! I have stayed on my Plexus regimen with naturpathic dr approval. He has put me on 10000 IU Vit. D3, sublingual supercharged Vit A, massive Vit. C dose, Adrenal Support, Testosterone Quench (high testosterone level too), something to lower cortisol, and a spray in my mouth to build immunity! This for a person who thought she was in perfect health and has not had an antibiotic in 20 years!! Sorry to be graphic but the BM is either almost water with sediment and it is soupy and with lots of mucous–sometimes actually stringy mucous. I am still taking 4 ProBio5 but have not been taking BioCleanse for 2 weeks because of the diarrhea. However, my night leg and feet craps have returned with a vengeance without the magnesium. So–is it possible that the diarrhea is extreme die off? I really have never experienced much detox other than anxiety for a couple of weeks when I first started it. Of course, I have cut out all diary except a tablespoon of half and half in morning coffee. Help! Not just for me but anyone else who has this kind of problem!

    • Hi Vicki. Thanks for your inquiry. Feel free to message me so I can better advise you. Let me know if you’re on any medications, what your daily diet is like, and any other symptoms you are hoping to correct.

    • Leia

      Vitamin C is known to cause diarrhea in large doses – many people take it until they get it and then back off just under that amount. Ask your naturapath about the Vit C dosage!

  11. Sandy

    I have been on the plexus slim 1capsule of the bio cleanse and one probiotic at night. I feel tired ,itchy skin. My question is when to stop the bio cleanse and probiotic and just use the pink drink?

    • Hi Sandy. Message me with more info so I can better advise you. Let me know if you’re on any medications, what your daily diet is like, and what symptoms you are hoping to correct.

  12. Jen

    Hi, I’m currently taking Slim/Biocleanse (2) in the am and 2 Probio5 and 2 Biocleanse in the PM. Recently added Xfactor. Never really saw any symptoms of die-off during this whole process. It’s been 4 months- I’ve lost 5lbs and that was all in one week when I overhauled my diet, but even that has stalled. Talked with my rep who said that some people don’t have die off symptoms, wanted me to try adding Boost. Haven’t seen any increase in energy. Non scale victories are that I’m not craving soda (but still craving the carbs when I’m stressed), and possible no migraines (got them every few months- but none since taking them so I don’t know if I’m just not getting them or it’s due to the slim. Could the probiotics not be what I need? Should I stop taking them? I was really hoping to see an increase in energy and better sleep, etc– but nothing…

    • Probiotics are so important. Feel free to experiment to find what works best for your body. I mentioned several ones I personally like above. Best of luck with your health journey. 🙂

  13. Michelle

    I started Tri-Plex a month ago and had to go to the doctor today because I was having blood in my stool. She advised me to stop using the products immediately. Guess it’s not for everyone.

    • We are all bio-individuals and what works for one may not work for someone else. Diet, lifestyle, environment, current health status, medications, stress levels, etc. all play a huge role in our health. Which products were you on? What did your doctor say was the cause of blood in your stool? Of course you would be told to suspend anything you’re doing until they figure that out—not sure if that specifically means Plexus is the culprit though. Plexus has helped hundreds of thousands of people with their health. I’m sorry that happened.

  14. Karen

    I am a Plexus ambassador. My 25-yo daughter has been taking ProBio5 and BioCleanse for a full year, and takes the products consistently. She has only ever been able to take 1 ProBio a day, otherwise she has stomach pain. About a month ago, she believed she was getting a vaginal yeast infection (she had never had one before), so she decided she would increase the ProBio to two a day. After just a few days she began to get sick: severe nausea and sometimes vomiting, but only in the first half of the day. By 2 or 3 pm, the nausea is gone. Pretty severe fatigue hangs on throughout the day and evening. She sleeps well, and goes for a slow walk and does yoga daily. She is only able to eat in the afternoons and evenings because of the nausea in the mornings. When she does eat, she eats well: baby spinach, sweet potatoes, homemade chicken broth, eggs, quinoa cooked in chicken broth, etc. She has been drinking a detox tea, taking Epsom salt baths, getting chiropractic adjustments (which help, if only temporarily).

    This has all gone on for a full month now. In that time, she has take no ProBio5, and has stopped the BioCleanse because she developed diarrhea. She has no abdominal pain.

    We don’t understand why her nausea/vomiting symptoms are almost gone in the afternoon but just as bad the next morning. If you could shed some light on that part of this, we would appreciate it.

  15. Bryan Johnson

    I am a 37 year old male that is just starting Plexus. I am super excited about feeling better as I suffer IBS/ Gastritis. After reading some of these testimonies it scares me a little. I am in pain everyday with my gut so I think I can handle the die off. I just want to do this right and not overdue the process. I ordered the tri-plex combo and the accelerator.

    • I’d start with the triplex first…and then later on you could add in accelerator as needed. Also, be mindful of your diet and lifestyle as those play a huge role in your progress. Good luck.