The Link Between Antibiotics & Candida Yeast Overgrowth

This Is What Everyone Needs To Know About Antibiotics.

Before antibiotics were so widely prescribed, Candida infections were rarely seen. However, after the introduction of each new type of antibiotic from the 1940s on, major increases of vaginal and intestinal yeast infections began to be reported in medical journals. The last twenty years bringing even more reports of not just those infections, but also a huge increase in gastrointestinal diseases, autoimmune disorders, allergies, etc. Countless studies and scientific research that was performed over the past years are finally bringing to light the cause behind this…and it’s clear to see that Candida Yeast Overgrowth, also known as a fungus and “Leaky Gut,” has become an epidemic of mass proportions.

And even though there are many other causes that lead to the overgrowth of this horrific fungus in your GI Tract/colon, the sole focus of this post is to highlight the dangers of antibiotics.

When an antibiotic reaches the intestines, it kills indiscriminately BOTH the good or “friendly” bacteria along with the bad bacteria that caused the infection. Antibiotics do NOT know the difference between the two. This indiscriminate killing disrupts the natural balance of intestinal flora, and once the bacteria are out of the way, the yeast takes off like a rocket! Bacteria—yeast’s natural enemy that for centuries kept yeast colonies from exploding—have been killed off, enabling the yeast to head for those new wide-open spaces. They quickly begin proliferating to fill up the empty intestinal tract and claim more territory.

Since antibiotics are mold—or yeast—based, they thrive on the diseased, decaying material inside us. So, antibiotics not only kill the bacteria that keep the yeast in bounds, they also provide additional food for the yeast!

Recent research into antibiotics shows that antibiotics actually suppress the immune system by damaging cells, making it EASIER for viruses or bacteria to enter. Damaged cells are more vulnerable to future infections, which is why many people report picking up another infection within days or weeks of completing a course of antibiotics.

And even though today they are developing antibiotics that are more selective, targeting specific bacteria, thereby not upsetting the intestinal flora as much, they are still destructive to the immune system and the reason new and more resistant strains of bacteria are evolving.

Antibiotics DEPLETE the body’s stores of B vitamins, calcium, zinc, potassium, magnesium, vitamin K, and Vitamin C. No wonder so many people can’t sleep well or just feel “off” after finishing a round of antibiotics!

The bottom line is that even though they are needed at times, they end up harming the body and DO NOT WORK with the body’s natural law of cure. Truly today’s Candida Overgrowth is the legacy of antibiotics introduced in the 1940s and 50s.

This is why I firmly believe that PROBIOTICS are essential in our daily lives.

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Recaging The Beast — Jane Remington
Ashley Robertson — Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach