Is The World Really Getting Worse?

That answer depends on YOU.

The world we’re living in is as Bad or Good as you make it. Throughout all of history there’s been conflict and resolution, chaos within the calm, a storm followed by a rainbow. The rainbow doesn’t mean there won’t be another storm. I believe it’s a reminder to look for the beauty and positivity that’s always been there—even during the storm.

Last year, me and my hubby made a decision that we’d no longer watch the news. It’s mostly drama-driven, negative, disturbing…and even harder is figuring out the nuggets of truth hidden within all of the lies and exaggerations (to swing your opinion to whatever it is they believe).

It’s not that I don’t want to know what’s going on or pray for and help those in need. Trust me, you don’t have to watch the news to learn about the things that happen daily. Nowadays, that’s blasted all over the internet, social media, and even friends sharing articles and stories via a variety of share button features nearly every website has.

So by choosing to stop watching the news on TV was basically me just reducing how much of that drama I’m allowing to take up my mental space and time. Because let’s get real here—some of the things we see and hear get stuck in our minds…an endless loop that causes so much unneeded stress to an already overstressed society.

Now when I go to the Internet or social media and see “news” I feel extra motivation to fact check it before I buy into it. And I see so many people on social media doing that too. Which is awesome. That helps cut down on the BS drama and puts more focus on things that are real and seriously need our attention.

To take it further though, based on my own research and you doing yours—we could still arrive at different opinions. I may lean one way and you another. Something happened in your life where you feel a strong purpose for ABC, while something else may have happened in mine that connected me to XYZ.

Can someone please tell me what’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with disagreeing? It seems like if two people can’t agree then they unfriend or fight or spew hated behind their backs. And can someone please tell me when there was ever a time that we ALL agreed on how to run our country? Because I can’t think of one.

So when I hear people say, “this world is going to hell, it’s worse now than it’s ever been” I can’t help but wonder if it’s because too many people are focused on the negative and not the good stuff (and miracles) that are all around us. Every day. Always.

Enough of the flipping birds and playing in photo editor to create images of murdering people who disagree with you. Can you tell me how that benefits any of us? And what examples this is showing our kids?

Sometimes there’s just no way for ALL to agree on every single thing. Get the hell over it. Life isn’t perfect and I think we simply need to be mindful and compassionate and forgiving to the best of our ability. All this negative energy spinning around out there is infectious—and if we don’t take action and start working through these feelings without hateful acts then yes, it will get worse.

Science has proven time and again that energy doesn’t disappear…and that our emotions and thoughts are forms of energy.

So all these hateful “thoughts” being spewed are part of the problem—not the solution.

It seems that until we can focus on the good around us and let go of some of this crap that you truly have no control over, then whatever your passionate about is now a loaded gun, shooting negative energy bullets and affecting those it hits.

We are all humans, sharing the same planet, that’s spinning in a perfect orbit around a giant flaming ball of gas. That’s in an ever-expanding universe that perhaps is endless in size…and now there are thousands (if not more) universes that are being discovered.

How fortunate are we to share this world together? Don’t let our different opinions tear apart the beauty and wonder that surrounds us. Lift the veil of negative and see the positive that is shining right there in front of you.

It’s all where you put your focus. There’s always been problems. There’s always been issues. And there will always be solutions that you may or may not agree with. So one person’s solution may become your new problem. A never-ending cycle that’s been going on and on. It didn’t just start happening.

It’s not “worse” than ever—I believe it’s totally and irrevocably what we focus on that has the power. So if your focus is on all the things that are breaking down in the world, then there’s where your energy is. And if your focus is on all the good things that are happening then that’s where your energy is.

And energy never goes away.

Be mindful of your power, where it is, where you put it, and how it could be impacting others. We’re all in this together.

Is this something that’s been heavy on your heart too? Do you feel the same or do you have another angle to share? Please keep it “friendly” but I totally welcome your thoughts as a way to learn and grow together.

Sending positive vibes,


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